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You may of been told your jewelry is gold or silver but a majority of the time it is only the shaft that is made of gold or silver and may just be plated. Many kids these days are starting to like getting their ears pierced, and it's not limited to only girls. You are waiting on your next interview when a candidate with more body piercings than the bad guy from the movie "Hellraiser" walks through the door. Young yogis even now follow the practice of stretching the piercing to stimulate the psychic nerves connected to the ears.
It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Offer to pay for it your self, you already have them convinced to let you get it done, where you get it done and how much it cost shouldnt be an issue if your the one paying.
I really wanna get my ears pierced but I know I would catch flak from other people is it worth it ?
Guys, i have had my ears pierced since i was 2, i am now 31 and my ear piercings still smell.

Second you got it done by a person that spent 5 minutes training how to clean a gun with an alcohol wipe and wouldbe lucky to be able to spell autoclave never mind use one, with no actual piercing training what so ever.
You can find horror stories all over the internet about piercing guns, and you can find legislative banning them all over the world. While I agree with this (I currently have 14G circular barbells in both my lobes) It may be a large stretch from a normal earring size. As far back as you can go in written history, there are records of men and women wearing earrings.
If you're interested in sharing photos of your body mods, please read the Rules of the Gallery first.
Third you got it done with a gun, it forces the jewelry in the most violent unsanitary way possible it rips and crushes the tissue being pierced and should be avoided more then the plague. While your at one of those places that pierce ears with a piercing gun with your parents ask them if you can see there autoclave, piercing license (if your local laws require one) training certificates (even one from the APP) i can gaurantee that they wont be able to produce any of these except mabe an autoclave.
Those crusties are connected to your skin and when you pick them off it also takes some small pieces of freshly healed skin with them.

This other infectious jewelry is comeing into contact with your new peircing and will cause issues. Here are some steps that will help you take care of your ears after getting your ears pierced. At any time, you can use the "Start a Conversation" feature to get private help from our moderators, Angel on the Edge, Dnd4evr, Rainbird, xXJarredXx, Revs, and Craftsman.
You already have your parents convinced to let you get your ears pierced, all you have to do is convince them that the cheaper gun style piercing is bad, once you have them convinced you will get your shop piercing and trust me its not as hard as you think your there child they want the best for you. Men, in particular, can find some really cool, and potentially beneficial, magnetically charged earrings.

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