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It’s officially been a few weeks since Ink Entertainment’s inaugural VELD festival shook Downsview Park in Toronto and my ears are still ringing with the countless great tunes showcased that weekend. With powerhouse Ink Entertainment’s incredible Rolodex backing a festival it would be easy to presume that the only reason VELD could be called the best show of the year was because of the line up.
Speaking of which, VELD’s line-up produced no shortage of memorable moments over the weekend. Needless to say, the DJ’s at VELD were in fine form producing flawless mixes that kept the crowd moving all day with any issues being due to malfunctioning equipment in damp weather.
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With the energy and pure volatility of Joan Jett clad in the tight ass boy shorts of an American Apparel model, a microphone is nothing more than an afterthought for the talented vocal stylings of the lovely Cupcakes. It was two days forecasted with terrible weather that hosted sets from 30 DJ’s on two main stages and in the Bacardi tent. To many, this is an all-encompassing statement of VELD’s success, and although it obviously contributes a great deal, it must be noted that the organization of this festival was impeccable and helped to influence the diverse, care free, party environment that radiated from Downsview Park that weekend.

From Steve Aoki’s wild set including crowd surfing, champagne spraying and cake throwing, to Knife Party electrifying the crowd dropping their big tune entitled Internet Friends. My only two quarrels with the weekend include the lack of brand new music selected by the DJ’s, as well as some of the performers failing to engage the crowd.
Elite Hearing of Colorado Springs will hold a seminar on current options in tinnitus treatment Wednesday, Sept. Which, depending on where they are in their frenetic dance party of a set could be anywhere. Thanks to VELD’s incredible line up however, the poor weather didn’t stop the over 20, 000 ragers from experiencing Toronto’s biggest EDM festival this summer and what can only be described as the best show of the year. With stages on either side of the park both showcasing a diverse range of talent and nothing but space and water refill stations in between, ragers could not only choose the particular style of EDM they wanted to experience at any given time, but they could also move as they pleased, unhindered by obstacles.
Followed by Steve Angello’s intro of Swedish House Mafia’s track, Greyhound, which literally brought the rain, only to finish the first day with Deadmau5 on the second main stage featuring an oversized touch screen tablet to mix on for a short time. Both of these are easily drowned out complaints as the music played at the festival was still amazing and fueled the crowd’s energy effectively voiding even the need for DJ’s to engage the crowd and any attempt to, just icing on the cake.
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She was more than happy to prove this to everyone in the audience as she did her best Mix-A-Lot impression from atop the drums. All photography on this page is the property of Lost In Concert and cannot be used without permission except for personal use. This brilliant set-up both facilitated and possibly enhanced the enjoyment of what everyone was really there for, the music. These industry legends really took it to the crowd on the first day as these brief moments barely even begin to paint the picture of what it was like to be there. If you are interested in using any photos, images or works from this site, please contact us for consent first. The second day brought many more memories featuring DJ’s that have more recently risen to the top of the EDM world including 2012 Beatport Music Award’s Breakthrough Artist of the Year winner Mord Fustang, spinning one of the best sets of the weekend as well as Nicky Romero bringing a big sound and proclaiming to the crowd how at home he feels in Toronto having lived here for a time.
Furthermore, Bassnectar brought the house down with huge dubstep tunes and one of the most engaging performances of the weekend, only to by followed by Toronto favorite Avicii, playing a plethora of crowd pleasers to an absolutely mesmerizing and enthralling light show to cap off the weekend.

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