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One of the cores of the Nespresso system is really in the coffee machines that are made for the Nespresso capsules.
Other coffee machine machines use either a boiler system, that preheats the water to 100°C and even more, so that steam passes through the coffee grounds to produce the coffee drink, or a combination of a boiler and a high pressure pump.
While it is argued that Thermoblock system produces better flavor, aroma and creaminess of the coffee, there is somewhat of a problem with the Thermoblock machines that have milk steaming hoses, since injecting steam at high pressure for a long time becomes a problem when more water than is needed for a single espresso cup need to be heated. Another issue to take in mind when purchasing a Nespresso system machine is the Nespresso capsules available in market. Still with no built in milk steamers, these two slick Nespresso capsule system espresso makers, the Magimix Le Cube M220 and the Krups xn5000 Le Cube series, are beautiful and brew really good espressos. Overall, Nespresso has been very successful with its capsule system technology, and thanks to the Thermoblock system, the machines produce great espresso with very little maintenance. The aluminum capsules produced by Nespresso are filled with coffee grounds shortly after the beans are ground, and are then sealed.

It is the way water is pumped, heated and then injected at high pressure into the coffee capsule that is said to make the perfect espresso. Using that combination, the water is still preheated but is then injected at a pressure of 6-12 Bar with a temperature of between 90°C-100°C through the coffee grounds. These are very popular machines that could be well fitted for your first home espresso machine.
They include a dosing system to control the exact amount of water in your drink and a height adjustable cup tray, so you can prepare your coffee in espresso cups as well as latte glasses. This coffee maker has a programmable sequence mechanism to produce a great tasting cappuccino in just a press of a button.
These Nespresso machines, such as the Krups XN 7006 and Magimix M190 are perfect for making espressos and have models with built in milk frothers. Nespresso promises a high quality flavor when they limit the expiration date of Nespresso capsules to up to 9 months from the roasting stage.

This is different from other systems like Caffitaly, which has allowed other coffee capsule manufacturers to produce capsules that fit the Caffitaly system, with their own flavor. You can use the built in hose to steams milk manually or install the plug-and-play AutoCappuccino accessory which will do the milk frothing for you, and all you have to do it connect a plastic hose to a milk container.
In this method, water is pumped from the water tank, and injected at high pressure of 19 Bar to the Thermoblock unit, where the water is quickly heated to 86°C-89°C and injected at the same pressure into the coffee capsule. However, Nespresso has a wide range of 12 flavors which you can easily order online at their website.
Furthermore, these machines do not include a milk steaming hose (that function is done with an additional accessory developed by Nespresso called Aeroccino).

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