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This slightly resembles my discovering Duran Duran story as I was watching the same TV show when Stand and Deliver played that I was watching when I saw Planet Earth. Watching the video now, however, I think it would have been better if Adam didn’t sing. Kings Of The Wild Frontier was a huge in the UK and many of the singles that were released – Antmusic, Kings Of The Wild Frontier and Dog Eat Dog were massive hits. Anyway, as stated, about a year later there was much fuss, especially at my school over Adam and the Ants because they were touring and so many of us wanted to go to their concert but weren’t allowed because we were too young.
Oddly enough, I was once again attracted to the bass player of the band, Kevin Mooney – the last on the right.
Obviously, the group were very popular at this point and my brother actually joined their fanclub. Prince Charming, the 3rd and final album featured hits Stand And Deliver and Prince Charming, both of which I loved.
Apparently Adam and Rolf settled amicably out of court after the music expert in the court case found the songs identical. Anyway, aside from the music, 2 hunky members, indulging my penchant for New Romantics plus having a cool logo – what really stuck with me about Adam and the Ants were the drums.
I'm a true child of the 80s, and this website was created to celebrate everything I love about that decade: the movies, music, TV shows, celebrities, and much more!

I remember I was (funnily enough) at a blue light disco (ie: run by the police) when it played and I loved it. While I honestly dig the double drums and bass, as I say, the only song that does it for me is Antmusic.
One girl, however, DID get to go and she came back the next day with a drumstick and we were all sick with jealousy. It was essential New Romantic (let me just once again say stress that the band weren’t New Romantic musically -even Adam Ant has said so) and just so, so cool! The warpaint remained, as did the logo, only the paint was no longer easily identifiable as Apache or any Native American warpaint. Adam disbanded the group by 1982 however, saying he didn’t think the members of the band had their hearts in it. One can only hope Adam did it because he thought it was a great tune and should be updated rather than secretly hoping no-one would ever notice! As previously stated, I was toying with the idea of wanting to be a drummer but the double drum sound from the band is what sold me. I was starting to get into drums around the time and the two drum sound was awesome (and still is.
I always remember my mum pointing that out to me, as I had no clue that she was anyone famous.

I will always love the 2 drummer concept and sound!) I didn’t know who the song was by though.
I like Dog Eat Dog for example but I wasn’t so blown away that I wanted to run out and buy it, despite the drums. Actually, interestingly and understandably, Native Americans were concerned that he might be exploiting Geronimo’s stripe, which to them is a sacred sign, as a gimmick.
So, we were lucky to find Antmusic, then bought Stand and Deliver and Prince Charming as they were released- and that was it for us. Adam took their concerns very seriously and arranged a meeting with the North American Community Association.
You might question my brother joining a fan club of a group he only likes 3 songs of but I believe it was because he was caught up in the imagery and coolness. Back in the day, when they were Adam and the Antz, they actually started out as punk and toured with Siouxsie and the Banshees and were regulars in punk fanzines. He explained his deep love for and interest in and identification with the Native American and their causes.

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