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Wikipedia says that it doesn't have anything that exactly matches "damaged_goods_(doctor_who_novel)". Supergirl has finally gotten her own TV series, and many fans are excited while many others are a bit turned off by the first episode. Well, holding stuff back for a while might not be the case since executive producer Ali Adler told Entertainment Weekly that Superman will be an unseen character throughout the series. We're glad this is the case because while Superman is the most popular out of the two heroes, the story being told is about Supergirl, and she should be the main focus all the time.

Nevertheless, it is possible his appearance could help the show where viewers and ratings are concerned.
The Galaxy S7 On-The-Go Adapter Is Not Just A USB Connector, Samsung Says: What Else Can It Do? For decades, Superman has been at the forefront, so we do not need him to overshadow Supergirl in her own show. We suspect if Supergirl turns out to be successful, a few seasons down the line when the writers have run out of steam, they might very well introduced Superman more prominently in the universe.

Furthermore, he didn't even utter a single line of word, which could mean the writers are holding stuff back for a while.

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