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We noticed that you're using an outdated browser, the ProductReview website may not display properly. And despite hating on-ear cans (My Marleys hardly get used), I am never not comfortable with these on. There is, a slight, faint, higher register susurrus* noticeable if you have no music playing. The built in battery charges quite quick via USB and once the switch is on it does make a difference. The headphones provide a good snug fit, they won't fall off your head and build quality is very good. I got these for $14 at Aldi so I can't complain a lot, but I have noticed a very low range bass rumble that occurs in the right ear speaker whenever I turn my head to the left. The biggest problem with the Aldi headphones is that the LED light is far too bright and disturbs other travellers when the aircraft cabin lights are dimmed. I have found the cable supplied with the headphones has badly made plugs (poor machining) and often disconnects of crackles. I have used these on two flights now and the noise canceling function is really quite amazing for the price.

It has an LED indicator light at the USB port which lights up red when charging and turns off when charged. The right earphone does not work does not work- any suggestions other than it broke rather quickly? There used to be just a couple of players in the noise-cancelling-headphone market, but there’s now a plethora of choice – some good, some bad.
Adjustable fitting, foldable with good build quality, but what is the real winner is the sound quality and deep bass, they also seem to cut external noise out very well. Sure a lot of people rubbish Aldi products and I have had my fair share of some dud electronics but for me these are awesome. It is also quite noticeable when listening to music as there is a big difference on and off. The Aldi ones definitely work well whilst the Sony is only earmuffs- more comfortable but don't work. I am more than satisfied and would highly recommend them for travellers who don't want to spend three times (or much more) the amount for branded earphones. Moreover, given the price, I don't need to be paranoid about losing them or leaving them on the plane.

These radios are designed to last you forever and to offer you amazing range and mobility, all at an affordable price.
Only disappointment was that they the don't have a microphone and volume button on the auxiliary cable, so you can use with your mobile. White noise is also a type of noise that blocks out other irritating noises and helps you relax and concentrate. I must admit, I was skeptical at first but having tested them in real flight conditions am a convert. They can be used while charging and work as normal but there is a slight background noise in this case which is only discernible in the background when no sound is playing.

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