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Over the last couple of years, Sony has perfected the art of adding in extra features for their users.
The NC31EM set are available in either black or white and they feature a short left earbud cable and a longer cable for the right earbud, which goes around the back of your neck nice and neatly. So, to keep the peace, we thought it best we took the Sony MDR-NC13 noise cancelling headphones for a spin. The NC13s tick both of these boxes coming in at a price that shouldn't top ?45 online (despite their ?82 RRP). The noise-cancelling tech works by sensing outside noise using tiny, built-in microphones, positioned on the earpieces, and sending out an “equal-but-opposite cancelling signal”, effectively blocking continuous noise. Their size and positioning give the impression that the buds may be uncomfortable and heavy and, whilst they're certainly bigger than your average in-ear setup, there's no noticeable strain whilst they are stuffed in your lug-holes and, with the three different sized bud options included, you're bound to find a decent, if not perfect, fit. You will need to make use of the clip on the back of the noise cancelling engine room though, as this part is rather bulky and will weigh down the (rather long, it has to be said) chord.
Bass is deep and not too shaky, the mids and trebles really come through when they need to and there is a definite warmth to the sound through the earpieces that defy their size. The noise cancelling tech on-board the NC13 earphones isn't the greatest that we've come across, but at ?45 or less, it certainly does the job.
However, having the noise cancelling switched on does come with a slight cost – in that some loudness and warmness is emitted from your tunes.
The Sony NC13 earphones are a good, mid-level option that offers some, if not comprehensive, noise-cancelling and a decent sound performance. The design is not the NC13's strong point, the ear buds themselves look rather bulky and the control box is pretty hefty considering it has no mic or remote options - just a power button for the noise cancelling.
But again, we have to come back to the price and at less than ?45 you can't really go wrong. So, to help make your next flight quieter, we've gathered some of the most popular noise-cancelling headphones on the market and put them through a lab test with our panel of travel experts. Features that the Xperia Z line has now become known for, and unlike other manufactures, these extra features are also worked in to the overall experience thoughtfully and there for when users need or want them. They’re far from uncomfortable, but after a few hours my ears did start to hurt, but then again this could be because I have the bass slider fairly up there. But only the noise coming out of our earbuds, we've no time for ghastly outside noise such as traffic, noisy commuters and helpful people shouting at us when we're about to walk into a lamp-post.

Noise cancelling tech is becoming ever more common, with advances in technology meaning that the feature is often available in smaller in-ear buds, rather than just over the head cans, and at a price that isn't going to break the bank.
It doesn't cut out background chatter, loud traffic or the like too well, but then that that's not really its job. It's not massively noticeable and, after a few seconds you'll probably forget, but a slight drop in quality is definitely there – so we thought it best to warn you.
Also, you don't have to worry about the buds running out of juice as you can use them as regular 'phones without the microphones in operation.
Although there are plenty of earphones in the same price region, some with a slightly better sound but no noise-cancelling tech, so be sure to asses whether the hum of an aeroplane or your office's air conditioning is really that much of a burden to you first.
These headphones are ideal for travelling as they come with a convenient fold up drawstring carrying bag. With the added comfort of the around-the-ear fit these headphones are the perfect travel companion for frequent flyers. The Thinksound High Definition Passive Nose Isolating Wooden Headphones reduce the external noise while isolating all the sound you want to hear, without the added bulk.
With the introduction of the Xperia Z2 and the Xperia Z2 Tablet, Sony introduced a hardware addition to the overall experience, in the form of the MDR-NC31EM earbuds.
But, as Pocket-lint's teachers and parents always told us when we were growing up, different is good. We tested the NC13s on an iPhone - and fiddled about with the EQ to get the desired result - directly into a laptop running 320kbps streams from Spotify and finally, plugged into an amp playing back a lossless audio file. It is tasked with making ambient, consistent noises more tolerable and, tested against the hum of a modern electric train and the annoying whir of a desktop PC, we have to say they worked with aplomb. While we can't guarantee you won't be seated near a crying infant, we can help you prepare for that day when it comes. The comfortable closed-ear design does an excellent job at blocking out and reducing externals noises and packing your sound with a punch. This headphone set features a lightweight design with a PVC-free and tangle resistant cable that work to offer you crisp, clear, and balanced audio sound. The intelligent auto noise canceling technology further enhances and optimizes sound performance and delivery in a lightweight option. This headphone set is ideal for flight travel as it comes with a direct cable for in-flight use on aircraft and has a collapsible construction for ease of packing and transportation.

As always, a lovely name from Sony, but all we really need to know about these guys is that they’re a noise cancelling set of earbuds.
Well, it uses the Xperia Z2, Z3 or whichever compatible device to do the magic work that a box powered by a single battery might do and there are microphones on each of the two earbuds that record the noise your phone or tablet cancels out. They have a frequency response of 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz and they produced some good bass while I listened to Metallica, some Iggy Azalea and everything in between. And basically to use at a Xperia assumes.?use iPhones and other glitches Please note issues. The difference, at least in terms of comparisons with other in-ear buds, comes by the way of the rather obvious housing for the 13.5mm driver unit behind the buds themselves. It's because of these situations that frequent travelers consider noise-cancelling headphones a necessity rather than a luxury. At such a reasonable price, you can be sure to have the powerful and detailed sound that even professionals in video and sound production rave about!
It even comes with four different sized flexible silicon ear inserts to ensure a secure and comfortable fit. There is no need to worry about an uncomfortable fit as this set comes with 3 different sizes of noise isolation earbuds and will provide you with 22 hours of battery life.
They were launched to work (to their fullest at least) with the Xperia Z2 and the Xperia Z2 Tablet, but they’ll also work just fine with the new Xperia Z3, Z3 Compact and the new Z3 Tablet Compact. For fans of rock music, I can tell you these really do the job and I’ve been listening to some Electro-Pop lately like CHVRCHES and it all sounds great. Overall, these are an excellent pair of earbuds for the money and the noise cancellation really works to a proficient standard without the need for a box dangling around your neck. We've accidentally left it switched on overnight a couple of times and it is still good to go the next day. No need to be concerned as these headphones take AAA batteries, giving you an average of 35 hours of uninterrupted listening pleasure. My Z2 didn’t have these in the box, instead I was given the charging dock, but these are definitely worth the extra purchase in my eyes.

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