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If at least to one of the above questions you answered 'Yes', you should stop wasting your money for plugs that aren't effective and get Kandego premium PU foam ear plugs. We have such a strong confidence in our product that we offer you a 90-day no questions asked, no hassle free product replacement guarantee.
1 x Carrying Pouch It is the most updated and Economic version in 2015 based on the Bluetooth version, since it is perfect for some people who would like to wear the eye patch for the whole night, since they do not need to worry about to be waken up if they put the device completely recharged. Are you tired of noisy neighbours or roommates who don't allow you to get a good night's rest?
The plug-in speakers are very small which you almost can not feel it,even you are the side sleeper!

Or is it that your significant other snores loudly and constantly makes you wake up at night? You can enjoy your favorite music while you are sleeping or having the rest at home or in the office, it is also the best protection and relaxation for your eyes when you sleep at home blocking from the light.
Seismic Audio offers stylish and effective Acoustic Absorbent Foam to help reduce room echo and standing waves in your recording studio, practice room, or live venue.
In live venues, treat your walls, orchestra pit, or audio booth, for a clearer and more enjoyable listening environment.
Acoustic Foam helps absorb unwanted reflections from walls, ceilings, and corners, for more control over your sound.

Our 3” Acoustic Foam sheets are cut to fit perfectly with one another for perfect alignment in installation, are available in attractive Burgundy, and are built to withstand the elements, retaining their acoustical condition for years to come.
With your purchase, you will receive two 3" x 12" x 12" Acoustic Foam sheets pictured and described above.

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