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These are places you might overlook in day to day life, yet contain sustained or periodic high decibel levels.
There are undoubtedly many and varied benefits to providing your child with some quiet time. Sound pressure from noise is amplified in the narrower developing ear canals of young children and babies, making them more sensitive and susceptible to hearing damage. Too much stimulation can be a harmful thing, especially for children with sensory conditions like Autism and ADHD. The calming effect of wearing noise cancelling headphones can also reduce the stress the child may be feeling.
Reducing background noise and distractions can help children with auditory processing issues to focus.
To make a quick comparison we made this chart of the 10 top rated baby headphones and hearing protection headphones for kids. Baby Banz earmuffs are specifically designed for newborns (3 months per the manufacturer), but are suitable for kids up to 2 years old.
Baby Banz are known for their soft padding around the cups, making it comfortable for your baby to wear for several hours at a time when needed.
The headband is designed for a nice balance of a snug fit over the ear, but not so tight that it will hurt your baby’s head. While Baby Banz are for babies 3 months and up, the Em’s for Bubs is truly meant for newborn infants.
Bubs are unique in that there is no plastic headband, using a soft stretchy fabric instead. One nice thing parents have remarked about these earmuffs, is that while they definitely reduce the louder noises like fireworks, concerts, or loud restaurants, your child will still be able to hear you speak to them.
This pair of noise cancelling headphones has an adjustable and foldable headband that provides maximum comfort. This feature also means they can fold up into the smallest size possible, making it easy to pack and take with anywhere. The Snug’s come in 7 different colors, and the manufacturer fully stands behind their product with an awesome 5 year warranty and guarantee. The Pro Ears ReVO are a top rated passive noise cancelling headphones for kids 2 years old and up.
The ReVO has an adjustable, and padded, headband, to make a snug but comfortable fit for different sized heads. After giving a pair of ReVO’s to their kids, many parents have discovered how much they like them, even asking to use them at home when they want some quiet time. They provide superior comfort with the over-sized foam padded ear cups, and padded stainless steel wire headband. The Optime’s are sized for small children ages 2 and up, but are adjustable enough for adults with smaller heads. As great and cheap an investment that noise cancelling headphones for kids are, you definitely don’t want to overuse them. If you are able to, a low cost way to get the benefit of noise reduction in your home is to use sound dampening curtains, or soundproofing foam panels. Whether used for minimizing background noise on a business flight, or silencing the babble of commuters on a train, noise-cancelling headphones have made journeys more serene and enjoyable for millions. Ford’s Active Noise Control uses three microphones, strategically placed in the cabin, to detect undesirable noises from the engine and transmission.
Active Noise Control is part of a range of innovations for the flagship Ford Mondeo Vignale that enhance sound quality.
Every Ford vehicle undergoes extensive testing to help minimize noise, vibration and harshness.
For example, by using foam rather than fiberglass for engine bay insulation, the Mondeo Vignale achieves a reduction in powertrain noise transferred to the cabin of up to 2 dB.
The Mondeo Vignale also is one of the first European Ford vehicles to benefit from the newly established global Vehicle Harmony team.
Sound engineers from Sony Corporation spent extensive hours tuning the Vignale audio system to deliver an exceptional acoustical experience on the road with a customized stereo mode, and a true surround experience.
Comprising 12 high-quality speakers and a sophisticated DSP (digital signal processing) amplifier, the audio system from Sony transforms the in-car listening experience.
The speakers have been optimized by Sony to create exceptional linearity and tonal balance. Mondeo Vignale is produced at the company’s state-of-the-art mega-plant in Valencia, Spain, and hand finished at Ford’s Vignale Centre, where vehicles are subjected to 100 additional tests.
The Valencia facility includes a 300m ‘rattle and squeak’ circuit that helps engineers ensure everything sounds right inside the vehicle, and all components fit snugly and securely.
This entry was posted in Cars and tagged Active Noise Control, Ford, Ford Edge, Ford Mondeo Vignale, Noise Cancelling Headphones by Auto-V Author. Teacher Sarah Morrison investigates how recent technology could work wonders with children suffering from Autism. One typical winter Sunday this time last year, my husband and I started packing our bags- for very different reasons. The focus of our school training day was to help gain a better understanding of Autistic Spectrum Condition; a subject I felt fairly knowledgeable on. I already understood that children with Autistic Spectrum Condition (ASC) can have difficulty with social interaction, language and communication. During our training, to outline how children with ASC can feel when their anxiety levels are heightened, I was asked to put on a blindfold and a colleague fed me a range of food that I was supposed to identify.
It was after this experience I realised that the Noise Cancelling Headphones my husband had shown me when we were both packing the night before may be useful by helping children with ASC to filter sound. After wearing the Noise Cancelling Headphones on the first busy morning as all his class bustled around him putting away lunchboxes and chatting and banging chair legs against tables, he looked surprisingly relaxed. It was at this stage that I decided to contact Bose, who make the QuietComfort® 3 noise cancelling headphones. Six months on and the general consensus in our school is that the Noise Cancelling Headphones can help children with ASC to remain calmer and less anxious during busy, noisy and overwhelming times of the day. Alongside other strategies, the Noise Cancelling Headphones have helped children in our school with ASC to manage their condition and provide relief to potentially stressful times during the school day.
Starting out as an IT student, Robin inadvertently found his way into the music scene in the mid 90’s when a friend asked for help getting a copy of Cubase for Window’s 3.1 to work.

Portable: swivel the ear cups, fold ’em flat, shove them in the included carrying pouch, take them with you!
No active noise-cancellation: if you want to buy a pair of headphones with active noise cancellation, please check out our reviews of the Top 10 noise cancelling headphones or Top 5 noise cancelling earbuds here. Multi-point connectivity: wirelessly connect two Bluetooth-enabled devices at the same time.
Only 7 hours of battery life: Check out this Beats by Drake with a 20 hour battery life and this Sony BT pair with a 17 hour battery life. Open mic: this is an excellent feature we wish more manufacturers incorporated in to their headphones. Loooong wireless range: generally the wireless range of Bluetooth headphones is 33 feet or 10 meters. Touch-sensitive panel: it is this touch-sensitive panel conveniently placed on the right ear cup that has revolutionized these Parrot Zik BT headphones. 40 mm drivers: most high-quality headphones have 40mm drivers while a very few have drivers as big as 50mm. The answer is anyone who might bring their child with them into an environment where there is the potential for high noise levels, and risk of noise induced hearing loss. Places like schools, airports, airplanes, sporting events, concerts, shopping malls, festivals, and firework displays are all good examples. Loud or unpleasant sounds can largely be filtered out, and possibly will prevent outbursts and meltdowns. They are lightweight, at 6.7 ounces, and are compact in size to fit into your purse or bag. Many parents have discovered that by traveling on airplanes is much easier when they bring a pair of Baby Banz along for their baby. Baby Banz come in multiple colors for both boys and girls so your baby will be stylish as well as protected.
Some parents have found this headband is more prone to slipping down their kid’s foreheads, and requiring more adjustments than traditional over the head bands.
Due to being so inexpensive, many parents buy both Baby Banz and Em’s 4 Bubs to test which fits their child the best. These hearing protection earmuffs can fold up into a compact and convenient size that fits in your bag or purse. They may cost a little bit more than other brands, but you do get a higher Noise Reduction Rating of 25 decibels, compared to the average NRR of 21 dB. Other reviewers have given the Pro Ears good ratings for their ability to block out most of the strong bass sounds at concerts. The wire is more flexible than a plastic band, creating less pressure on kids’ heads. Be sure to set a specific schedule when your child will use them for quiet time at home or in the classroom.
Placing these products in your room can help reduce the amount of sound and echo in the room making it easier for your child to concentrate. White noise machines produce a low level background noise, intended to mask obtrusive sound.
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. The system counteracts those noises with opposing sound waves from the audio system – without affecting volume levels of music and conversation. Another example is acoustic glass that can improve the sound-proofing qualities of the windscreen and front windows. This includes driving on some of the world’s most challenging surfaces, both in the real world and at Ford test facilities (including Ford Dunton Technical Centre in Essex) where conditions include gravel roads and some of the worst potholes found worldwide. Sound?proofing within the underbody shields, wheel arch liners and front and rear doors block tyre noise, and the new integral link rear suspension also contributes to a reduction in road noise experienced of up to 3 dB. Testing includes ensuring all sounds in the cabin, interior illumination, and the feel of surfaces are appropriate and complementary – from the sound made by the indicators, to that which is made when the heated rear window switch is depressed.
To bring harmony to the customer experience, these instruments must be in tune with one another. Delivering this luxury depends on reproducing sound as the artist intended and underpinning the acoustic emotion with the look, touch and feel delivered by our elegantly styled and carefully constructed centre panel design,” said Ian Hubbard, global automotive entertainment director, Sony Europe Limited.
Low and midrange speakers in the audio system from Sony make extensive use of polypropylene material.
Ford also has recently introduced an industry-first test that reflects increasing use of audio streamed via Bluetooth from external devices such as smartphones. He was about to embark on a two week trip to Grand Bahama and I was packing my computer bag for a training day at the primary school I teach at. But I was about to learn something new that would make a difference to how children on the Autistic Spectrum manage their condition. I also knew that they can have imagination and thought restriction and sensory difficulties.
Luckily we get on well so there was nothing too disgusting, although the garlic mayo at 9.30 on a Monday morning was hard to stomach!
They are designed to cancel out low frequency sounds so I thought that if they cut out background noise on the plane, they may well cut out a lot of the background noise in school and enable children with ASC to feel calmer and less anxious. After hearing my story they were happy to loan me two sets so I could continue my research. I spoke with the LSA who has supported me with the trial and she believes that they are invaluable. Although they were designed for a completely different purpose, I believe that this product could make a significant difference to the lives of many of our children who struggle everyday with what we take for granted. The blooming dance scene of the mid 90’s sparked a passion in DJing and production and he held many residencies at clubs around the country in the late 90’s. Battery life of most BT headphones is 15 hours or less.  This model has 30 hours of battery life though.
However, headphones like these with Bluetooth 4.0 have added benefits like an extended wireless range of up to 100m or 330 feet, which is ~10 times the wireless range of the Sony MDR10RBT. This feature, again not seen on many BT headphones, allows you to easily switch from a video on your iPad to a phone call on your iphone. Given that the QC25s are nearly twice the price of the Plantronics BackBeat Pro, this shouldn’t come as a surprise!

Swiping up and down respectively increases and decreases the volume while swiping forward or backwards skips tracks forward and backwards, respectively. They come with their own hard travel case, so that you don’t need to bother your wallet again for a carrying case.
Hearing loss is cumulative and irreversible, and your child may not notice the effects until much later in life. If the noise reducing earmuffs work, it can actually help you and your child to visit and experience new places that might otherwise upset them. This is far and above the average NRR of 21 dB found on most other brands of noise reduction headphones.
White noise has been shown to help adults and children relax and sleep, as well as increase productivity.
Driver and vehicle behavior is recorded and anticipated, for example when a driver is accelerating in a lower gear.
Containing a layer of acoustic film thinner than a human hair, acoustic glass reduces the intrusion of wind noise caused by air flow around the window pillars. From the ground up, the Mondeo Vignale’s cabin has been designed to offer the optimum sound experience.
That’s where the Vehicle Harmony team comes in,” said Erika Tsubaki, design supervisor, Ford of Europe.
This amplifier is smaller and requires less power from the car’s electrical system than conventional amplifiers.
Polypropylene provides stable performance over the life of the vehicle in a way that even the best fibre material cannot.
A full register of musical notes played through the speakers via the auxiliary port and a wired connection ensures that playback meets the same customer expectations as audio enjoyed through the system’s own CD player and radio. It was unsurprising that I was more interested in his packing than mine, and also unsurprising that a large section of his bag was taken up with gadgets. However, during the training I discovered that children with ASC can be very sensitive to sound and have difficulty filtering sound. Initially I was worried that using the Noise Cancelling Headphones would cut children off from the outside world, but the brilliant thing about them is that you can still hear if someone close to you talks. There was one child in the school I really wanted to trial them with, so I discussed my plans with his Learning Support Assistant (LSA).
This enabled me to return my husbands set and lend the other set to another child in our school.  He came to find me one lunch time and asked me where he could get buy them from. Since becoming too old to stay up all night partying, Robin has devoted his skills to teaching others DJing and Music Production and most recently to giving sound advice on how to get started in the world of making music and running our educational sales department. Modern, dynamic drivers are made of 3 components: they are the magnet, the diaphragm that vibrates and the voice coil.
This feature allows you to be aware of your surroundings or be completely shut off, depending on the various circumstances.
This way, you don’t miss any of your favorite music and it helps preserve battery life for maximum enjoyment! Bluetooth mechanics make wireless headphones generally more heavier than their wired counterparts.
With such a mechanism, the Parrot Zik BT headphones are able to block out as much as 98% of background noises.
However, with Parrot Zik headphones, it feels as if the music is coming from the front, just like in a live-concert hall. If you have no intention of listening to music on your tablet and answering your phone at the same time, this shouldn’t be a problem!
Additionally, it offers features such as stereo and surround DSP modes, and speed sensitive volume control.
As a teacher and a parent I have become pretty good at blocking out background noise and focusing on a conversation or task, but I learnt that this is something children with ASC can find extremely challenging. Surprisingly though, it was not the taste of the food that worried me, it was the background noise I could hear. This means that children can still be encouraged to interact and communicate whilst wearing them. She was really keen to support me and agreed that they could help him to block out unnecessary sound, particularly at certain times of the day when the classroom got unmanageably noisy for him. Neodymium magnets are the strongest permanent magnets available today and they’re the #1 choice for headphones and speakers. Then, once the call is finished, the headphones will automatically switch back to the video. You can even purchase an extra battery and keep it as backup when you don’t have ~3 hours at your disposal to recharge it! This is so that it can automatically play or pause music when you put them on and take them off, respectively! What must be REALLY appreciated about the 40 mm drivers on the Photive BTH3 headphones is the fact that you get these for a <$50 price tag! The sound of everything around me seemed as loud as the voice of my colleague speaking directly to me. On many low-quality over-the-ear headphones, the driver diameter can be as small as 30 mm (12-15 mm on earbuds). Well, actually, there is an additional in-line controller specifically made for Apple devices which gives some enhanced features like activating Siri! However, hopefully, the rechargeable battery of the Plantronics BackBeat Pro will outlast the headphones.
Only a handful, high-end headphones have 40 mm drivers. 40 mm and neodymium is an explosive combination and is one of the major secrets behind the balanced, accurate sounds of the Sony MDR10RBT. To switch between a phone call and a movie on the iPad, you’ll have to manually disconnect one device and connect to the other device – this is a PAIN!
With most other BT headphones, you’d have to go to the phone settings and turn off Bluetooth, which can be a real hassle!

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