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Your doctor would first examine the infected site to ensure that it has not caused any complications further. Telecoil makes the superior headset solution available to those with special hearing needs.
Designed for hearing aid wearers who want the benefits of headset use, the GN 2125 Telecoil is equipped with a hearing aid-compatible telecoil fitted to the plain side of the earpiece.
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Current audio technologies struggle to replicate this experience, because bass sounds mask high tones making your music sound muddled and speech difficult to hear.
It is better to check the ears daily for infection, swelling and discharge of fluid to assure that the pierced ears are in good condition. Hearing aid users can enjoy all the health benefits and increased work efficiencies that headsets bring. I think it is the accumulated perpetual machine hum frequency over time that wears out the hyperstimulated recruited hair cells on cochlea, creating ringing. It is good to wipe off the ears with mild alcohol daily to avoid any infection on the ears. Sometimes the skin has to be peeled away for removing severe infection on the piercing site. The telecoil cancels out surrounding background sound while heightening the sound quality from the telephone, giving hearing aid users clearer, crisper phone conversations free from interfering background noise. It is a conspiracy to unsettle the masses (432hz sacred healing vibration vs 440hz the Devil’s interval).

In case of infection, the initial symptom would be foul smell emanating from the infected ears followed by irritation and swelling. When the infection is not treated for long time, it may affect the surrounding tissue and can cause damage to the ear. There may be crusty leakage of fluid from the affected part of the ear which is a sign of infection. Society thinks it is easier for them, but what about me and my access to complete a language (ASL)?

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