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NOTE: The manufacturer has suspended sales of SnoreMasker Pro pending a technical upgrade, and as of March1, they tell us they are again waiting on delivery of a new component critical to the new build. Warning: because SnoreMasker Pro is capable of blocking most incoming sounds it can prevent you from hearing smoke alarms and other emergency warning devices you may need to hear.
I may be a bit spoiled as the custom earplugs fit my ears so well, but I really had a difficult time finding a comfortable fit with these.

But, they don't do a very good job of blocking snoring or other sleep-interrupting external noises. Yes, definitely and they are much more pleasant to sleep in than the other ear plugs I was using.
I had two pairs of the Sleep-eze ear plugs for about 6 years (one to keep by my bed and one in the pre-packed suitcase).

I am disappointed to say that they are not twice as good and would not buy them again when I need to replace a pair.

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