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I originally wrote this review on December 3, 2008 – This is the Class A Combo that could. Interestingly enough, depending on which combo (or head) you purchase, you get different types of power tubes – something like a Fender in a couple of models, something like a Marshall in a couple of models. This entry was posted in Amplification Gear Reviews, Gear Review and tagged amp, amplifier, class a, crate, review, tube amp, v18 by Jim of Vivid Peace. I've been exposed to many different styles and models of headphones from low-end earbuds to high-end professional surround-the-ear models.
My main reason for trying out the E2cs was I had heard that, not only did they sound great, but they were very good at reducing outside noise, which means I wouldn't have to crank up the volume just to drown out external noise. Just a side note (because we at Big Picture Big Sound care about our readers): many people are unaware of the damage they are doing to their hearing by turning up the volume to overpower outside noise. Keeping the volume at a safe level and still being able to hear the music clearly can be very difficult at times, especially if you live in New York City like myself.
With the E2cs I found that when you get a good seal in the ear (more on that later), the outside noise is reduced significantly.
As for the Shure E2Cs, I found that they provide not only phenomenal isolation form outside noise, but also excellent sound quality throughout the entire frequency spectrum.
But this is a matter of personal preference, and is easily corrected if your portable player has an adjustable EQ (as my Creative Labs Zen Micro has).
The E2cs also provide excellent separation of the instruments in the overall mix, as well as capturing the natural (or artificial) sense of space and ambience embedded in the recording. The Shure earphones come with different sized foam and rubber inserts so you can get the most comfortable, most secure fit for your ears. Once I found the set of cushions that fit me best, it still took me a few days to get used to them in my ears.
The e2c is available with a transparent housing or black (pictured) which is also known as the "e2c-n". The uncomfortable feeling of ringing, buzzing ears is one that musicians, concert-goers, and night-clubbers are all too familiar with. At Quies, we decided to leverage the latest advancements in audio and Hi-Fi technology to develop our Music acoustic filters. Our Music acoustic filters boast a patented Integrated Loudness Corrector that effectively compensates for the high and low frequenciesa€”reducing the most sensitive frequencies.
It captures the highest (4,000 Hz to 16,000 Hz) and lowest (0 Hz to 1,000 Hz) frequencies and harmonizes them.
It distributes sound naturally throughout the ear, thanks to a unique sound projection cavity.
Quies Music acoustic filters are easy to wear, with tabs that adjust to all ear shapes and sizes.
Trying to sleep, concentrate, or just simply rest in a noisy environment can be extremely difficulta€”and frustrating. Whether at work (industrial equipment, production lines) or at play (concerts, nightclubs, motor sports), at some point we are all exposed to loud noises that can permanently damage our hearing.

Sometimes you need to block out loud noise intermittently, being able to hear well as soon as the noise stops and until it starts up again. The changes in cabin air pressure when an airplane takes off and lands can be painful to our ears. Quies earPlanesA® earplugs help eardrums adapt to potentially painful changes in air pressure.
Children with ear tubes and people with sensitive ears can now enjoy water activities worry-free, thanks to Quies silicone earplugs for swimmers. Water activities can be a challenge for children with ear tubes and people subject to frequent ear infections. The little things we all encounter that remind you that you went to a Caribbean medical school.
Your USMLE step 1 and step 2 scores are the most important pieces of information in your residency application. However, acing your board exams isn’t just about knowing the science but also about having strong test taking skills. Your two years of classroom basic sciences are drastically different than your clinical years. Question Banks The purpose of doing practice questions is to find your weaknesses in order to guide your study process and  to get you inside the head of question writers. Hopefully you figured this out already since you most likely already took step 1.
Here is how I approached the comp and used it to help prepare me to succeed on step 1 of the USMLE. The following interview was originally published on Daily Medicine, a blog full of quotes, ideas, lists, and general knowledge. Everything still works great, there are few tears in anything, and the sound is still very, very good.
The synopsis is this: the sound is Marshally, the spring reverb is actually pretty good but can get overloaded (not quite sproingy like you get on a nice $800 Fender tube amp).
Really, the right way to approach this amp is to plug in your guitar, and dial in the different aspects until you like it. I'm constantly getting pummeled by an aural barrage of car horns, fire sirens, soapbox preachers, and the occasional drunken mating call. I need to hear the full range of frequencies, from the low bass up to the highest highs, as clearly as possible as well as the separation of instruments in the mix. Preset EQs are OK, but adjustable EQs, where you have individual control over specific frequencies are best because you can boost just the lowest bass without affecting the rest of the frequencies in the mix. You may need to experiment a bit to find the ones that best fit your ears but then you're good to go.
Despite advances in sound-related technology, prolonged exposure to loud music is still harmful to your ears. During prolonged exposure to loud music, the human ear homes in on frequencies in the middle of the spectrum, blocking out the extremely high and low notes, ultimately causing discomfort.
The sound is equalized, which means that you can enjoy the full richness of the music you love, distortion-free and, most importantly, without putting your hearing at risk.
However, our auditory system is highly sensitive to loud noise, and frequent exposure to noise can gradually lead to hearing loss over time.

Thata€™s why we have developed Quies corded earplugs, which can reduce noise by an average of 26 dB. I hope that with this info-graphic that medical students will be able to have a rough estimate of how much it costs to apply to residency and where they can save some money.
Studying in your first two years is somewhat easier because your primary responsibilities are all geared towards taking tests, culminating in the USMLE or COMLEX. Sick and tired of explaining the process of step exams, clinical rotations, the interview process, and the dreaded match algorithm to your friends and family? My son was looking to compete with a drum set and a small band in small venues and recording. These things are not unusual in this price range, but it’s important to point this out. The Speakers are just what you would expect from ceramic-magnet 12s, the control quality is quiet, smooth, and feels good.
The corner protector covers are nice and big… and the screw-down parts seemt to be pretty good.
No reproduction, re-transmittal, or content farming without express written permission from the author. Remember, I'm the annoying, aural retentive guy who has to tweak things until they sound perfect (to me). Here are my best travel tips to stay healthy while traveling through Thailand, Cambodia, and the rest of Southeast Asia. I sold mine a while back, but am on the search for a used 18 or 33 2×12 as I write this.
I don’t recommend this approach, but it was useful for us from the standpoint of housing space and underlying need. There is no quiet setting, and there is no clean sound unless you turn the gain all the way off – thereby compromising the volume almost completely. You can even play it without an overdrive pedal at low volumes to get some nice tube distortion.
Put the same amp in front of 50 different musicians and you’re not likely to get the same opinion twice.
After playing a bunch of amps (including some solid state amps), I chose the Crate V-Series V18 212.
Basically, you can hear everything the original artist or producer intended you to hear, the way they intended you to hear it.

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