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Ear MuffsElectronic or passive, headband or hardhat, or even child-sized: when it comes to ear muffs, you'll find them all here. Ear muffs are more likely to provide the rated protection because they cover the entire ear.
Ear muffs are more sanitary than ear plugs since they remain outside the ear, which makes sharing ear protection a safer alternative.
Ear muffs are more comfortable than most alternatives because nothing is inserted into the ear canal.
Ear muffs come in a huge variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, and can fulfill many other functions in addition to providing hearing protection. Innovative inert protein (think, sea sponges) ear cushions create an extraordinarily comfortable acoustic seal, that blocks out much of the ambient background noise, even before you turn on the electronics. Solitude XCS Headphones feature an industry-first, multi-selector switch, that allows you to bypass the ANC circuitry, and then boost your audio input through direct signal amplification technology for a full rich sound. Solitude XCS headphones come complete with a standard 3.5mm audio input cable that is fully compatible with most smart phones, computers, gaming devices, and tablet systems, letting you choose virtually any music source you may have available.
Advanced Noise Reduction Technology that works across the sound spectrum making it an excellent choice for plane travel, work, and home. True high-fidelity listening experience, plus onboard amplifier lets you listen at any volume you like. Ear pads contain inert protein with a high porosity index making Solitude XCS extraordinarily comfortable even for extended hours of wear.

Flow through sound design means if the batteries should go dead, you will continue to hear your music with high fidelity through the quality speakers in the Solitude XCS headset, just without ANC or amplifcation. Electronic ear muffs can amplify external sounds, or provide communications capabilities, or even let you listen to your MP3 player. Please browse our other great noise canceling headphones.Solitude XCS Active Noise Canceling and Amplifier Headphones provide true high fidelity stereo listening with active noise canceling technology (ANC), but this headphone does not stop there.
When you do hit the on button, the Solitude XCS Headphones' patent pending circuitry instantly provides a high level of continuous noise reduction across the entire acoustic spectrum.
So you can choose to use your Solitude XCS Headphones with or without ANC, and with or without audio boost, for the greatest flexibility in listening available in any active noise canceling headset available, and at an unbelievable price! Passive (non-electronic) ear muffs are available in traditional headband styles, as well as hard hat attached, behind-the-head, and neckband styles for hat wearers. Solitude XCS is the first ANC headphone to allow you the flexibility to selectively enhance your music by simply flipping a switch to bypass the active noise canceling feature, and instead, actively amplify the audio input. Incoming calls will ring through and you can receive or make calls with the touch of a button, via your compatible smart phone or tablet computer.
I tried it in several devices with the same results and I know that these devices work with other headphones. Specialty ear muffs are available for everyone from forestry industry workers to babies and children - and everyone in between. Ordinary ANC headphones, even the really expensive models, let you use the active noise canceling feature or bypass it, which reduces the headphones to passive speakers.

The earpieces are made of replaceable foam earplugs (or reusable soft silicone earplugs) that surround the speakers in your ears providing the perfect combination of noise protection, all day comfort and scanner audio or music right in your ear. The ear plugs keep out ambient noise so you can adjust your device to a safe volume level and still hear the scanner or your music perfectly.
As you can see for yourself, ear muffs are some of the most versatile hearing protectors available.
Instead of switching to a passive mode, Solitude XCS amplifies the sound you are feeding it, giving you the greatest level of control over your sound experience ever. We have chosen several excellent ear muffs that are lightweight and comfortable enough for children, babies and toddlers.Headband Style Ear MuffsHeadband-style ear muffs are the traditional style of ear muffs, and are always recommended unless you need to wear your ear muffs with a hard hat or other headgear. Some have folding headbands for easy transportation, or offer a multi-position fit.Hard Hat and Neckband Ear MuffsHard hat ear muffs and neckband ear muffs are all here.
I work in a factory where hearing protection is required at all times and this really fit the bill.
Mutt Muffs are designed not to block out all sound, but to be a passive noise-reducing device.Ear Muff AccessoriesHeavy-duty ear muff carrying cases for your expensive electronic models, belt clips to keep your ear muffs easily at hand, hygiene kits to keep your ear muffs in tip-top condition, ear muff covers that make sharing your ear muffs more hygenic, tactical ear muff cables for connection external radios and other ear muff accessories.

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