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Some super neat items were picked for y'all this week, like the Niko Power Dock, which looks pretty nice! PowerMate Bluetooth is the wireless programmable controller that replaces extra keystrokes with a simple twist or a click.
I'm Paulo Gabriel, a Publicist by degree and Designer by passion with a taste for the meaningful and emotional. Rawz is our user generated site where anyone can share their work or work with the Abduzeedo community. Abduzeedo is a blog about design, we started it in 2006 and after all these years the site accumulated a huge visual library of articles about architecture, illustration, graphic design, UX design, mobile app design and a lot more. A little while ago I posted about my torn rotator cuff (PASTA lesion), well this week I went to hospital for a shoulder scan, looking for a SLAP Lesion Tear.
The basic process is, before you get the MRI scan (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) you first have a contrast die injected into your shoulder.
The reason for this is the doctor needs to make sure the needle is exactly in the right place in your shoulder joint so that the labrum shows up properly in the MRI scan. The other fear factor often cited is the noise, but personally I think it’s just the whole unknown thing, so I did some research into how MRI machines work and found it quite hard to find pictures of their innards. Hi Sue, it’s ok, i did understand that you were being positive, I was accepting that in the general scheme of things, you were right to be.
I was aware of some of your story, which you’ve told me before, but not that level of detail. Sorry to hear about what you have had to go through Sue, good to hear you are doing good though. On the MRI and MRA subject, I have to go for a MRA on my shoulder because the surgeon thinks I might have a SLAP tear. However there were a few things that are worth mentioning: when the needle punches through the cartilage to get into the right place, there was a noticeable jolt which was quite disconcerting. The whole process takes a few minutes, during which you have this big needle stuck in your shoulder and of course you aren’t allowed to move.
Hey Colin,just wanted to let you know that I had that arthrogram today, and it wasn’t that bad. I had split my supraspinatus in two and needed a capsular shift as the whole joint was very loose (remember that this did not show at all from the scan so i wasted a year doing re-hab that would not fix the prob).
Thanks for sharing Collete, you’re right that often 2nd and 3rd opinions can be very important. An MRI with intraarticular (into-the-joint) contrast injection is not called an MRA- MRA is a MR angiogram, a dynamic study where the IV-contrast injection is imaged as it moves though the larger blood vessels, resulting in pictures of the blood vessels.
MR arthrograms (what you had) are imaging studies done after the radiologist has injected contrast directly into the joint space, and the condition of the joint’s inner surfaces and possible leaks (damage) can be seen with an MRI. Thirdly, there is a possibility that one could get an MRI with IV contrast just to identify scar tissue. Sometimes the needle just can’t deliver the dye- the needle tip might be in tissue, the space it has found might be very small, or least likely a defect in the equipment.
Once they start however the radiology staff want to make sure all the pain you paid will pay off. Anyway, I suspect you might just have a tough shoulder to inject into, that could be true next time too, should you need the test again. I will make a suggestion to some radiology vendors, that there might be some value to a stereoscopic injection system, where the radiologist (or surgeron in surgery) can take two exposures with each needle movement, one for the aspect of the radiologist’s left eye, and one for her right eye, and feed the two images into a Viewmaster type of eyepiece, to better judge depth of a needle.
Ardeth, swelling will go down and over the next few days the fluids injected will be absorbed and excreted; the only problem that you should watch for is reddening or heat in the area- attempting more than one injection kind of increases the chance of an infection starting, but it is still very very rare this happens.
Tracey- I had mine done about a month ago, and it is still tender where the needle went in.
Update with my case- seen the surgeon, no surgery for me, he told me to go back to physio, for ultrasounds and strengthening (which I have been doing), but I’m suppost to go back and see him in 3 months. Hi Tracey, the exercises I follow are from a very experienced physiotherapist who is an expert in shoulder rehabilitation called Brian Schiff.
Second is a CD made with proprietary software included, but I understand that they are hard to transfer digitally from disc to other formats. I would like to say this- in is professionally appropriate and legally too, is to be sure when published that personal identifiers be obscured from view, even if they are your own or if you have the permission of the patient (HIPPA regulations). I personally think the best way to see the tear would be as a surgical training film or photo, because the tendon itself isn’t clearly visible on most MRI or MRA.
Sounds like a great experience for you, other than the MRI- which by far was the most important part of the test. I have been an MR tech for many years, and MR of either the neck or the shoulder seems to make people the most claustrophobic. I have scanned Heads on people, and they do fine even with their heads taped or strapped or stuffed in a cage coil, but had a claustro reaction when the cervical spine study was started without the tape etc. One problem with a shoulder is that it rests on the moving, breathing, heart throbbing ribcage. First, no matter what you scan, you should ALWAYS place the thin wedged sponges (or pads) half under the patient, half under the elbow. I once, about twenty years ago, had a shoulder patient who could not tolerate being on their back due to other injuries.
I was used to accommodating my patients in creative ways, so I told him I was willing to scan him tilted onto his shoulder with support underneath him.
So, all is good, recovery doing fine until, 6 months after the op, a stronger happier Birthday Boy out round town on his birthday with his mates and pretty well lubricated is in the local night-spot. I am a 61 yr old male who had an MRI arthrogram of the shoulder to check for labral and cuff tears.The procedure itself was surprisingly painless? I have never had a problem enduring needles, MRI’s or even nerve tests (where they put the needle directly into the nerve to see if it is working).
After reading your information at the top of this page I am very interested to hear what steps that were taken to treat the two tears? Took it easy, didn’t do anything that hurt, and slowly, over about 6 months got most of my ROM and strength back. Had violent spasms during my third MRI for shoulder issues, I had to hold down my right pec muscle with my left hand. It was sad to hear of all the pain and problems patients have undergone having MR imaging with arthrography.
Really need to get back into gym asap and was hoping you could give me some advice on upper body muscle groups that I can continue to train, biceps, triceps, is chest a no go?? Also, interested in the ultimate rotator cuff excercises by Brian Schiff and any other advice you can give me for rehab and weight training. I have talked to dozens of people who had rotator cuff surgery (the sling is a great conversation starter).

Justsomeguy: yes I know the feeling, my rotator cuff tear was because after my impingement surgery I kept telling than that something felt stuck. Secondly, the shoulder rests on the ribcage, attached with hinges to the sternum at the throat, and the rest of its support is from muscles and tendons. I think sometimes I invented this way, but anyway along with antifidget techniques I have had tremendous success with this. Dave, thanks for your reply, No I have never been positioned like that at all, and I noticed the mri machine in the video had lots of room inside, the last MRI they put me in had the lowest magnetism a MRI can have and let me tell you I felt like I was being hugged by the machine it was so small ??? Determining at what point to do a CT to replace the MR is all up to how the two docs involved have decided. To what degree your are affected by the radiation have a lot to do with your age and how many times you have been irradiated, how you are shaped, how well trained the CT tech is, how healthy you are. Being a tech, it such conditions I can only follow directions of my radiologist as far as adaption and alteration of what I do.
One of the classic tricks for breathing life into digitally recorded material is to incorporate the crackles and hisses from old vinyl recordings. You can use our Dust and Scratches generator to add a new "old" dimension to your digital music. Just browsing some of the presets and more specific noise generators when I found this one. Paired this with 4'33" and I heard incredible new things in that record like never before!
This almost sounds like a fire crackling :) Messing with some of the presets sometimes gives me a headache, and this one is pleasant enough to be relaxing and bring nostalgia of sitting around the campfire with my grandparents. This generator is great, especially when put together with the Beatles album of your choice. Combined with Mr.Rhodes this setting makes me feel like sitting on the sofa with the glass of vine in the twilight - soothing and comfy.
This is pretty much what my Led Zeppelin II vinyl sounded like after years and years of play!
Snooz reduces the variable between noise pollution and ambient sound giving you the calming whirr of a real fan located inside. The 99 Classics headphones combine modern with hand crafted design, using natural materials and focusing on delivering the best premium sound. Diagnosing the PASTA tear was relatively easily and completely painlessly done via an ultrasound.
Unlike an Angiogram where die is injected into your blood stream, for a SLAP scan the die is injected directly into your shoulder. So after an initial local anaesthetic, he sticks the big needle and, takes an x-ray, adjusts it, takes an x-ray etc etc until it’s right. Apparently they reckon that 10% of the population is so claustrophobic that they can’t have a tradition MRI scan (there are new walk in MRI scanners now that aim to solve this problem). Sure I can see how people would get upset by it, but it’s completely safe and ultimately it was simply loud and boring. I had the ink injected into my shoulder (i was stoked to have the anaesthetic before hand as it was the first time i could go and play some volleyball without pain before it wore off!). The surgery was horrible and rehab following surgery is a long and painful process but WORTH IT!!
At the last minute, I decided not to have the operation and definitely made the right decision. This is most often done if you are suspected of having a ligament or tendon tear, or have reinjured it after a repair. In this case a scan before the injection is done, then the dye is injected in an IV and allowed to spread though the tissues; newer scar tissue, which has really good blood supply, will appear dark pre-contrast and lighter post contrast. The radiology department will probably make a report for both parts of the test- the injection part and the MR arthrogram.
Yes pain meds for next time sounds like a good idea, but take solace in the fact that you did come through the procedure without quitting.
I am currently enrolled in my first video production class and one of my first assignments is to make a short film about sports injuries. I’m only assuming that when a procedure like this is done, they give you a copy on disk than can be editable? On MRA’s of the shoulder, the lesion shows up where tissue has torn away rather than the tendon itself. I went to the centre and the same guy who gave me my Cortisone shot six months previously attended to me! It is the lying flat on the back in the magnet, rather than just being in the magnet, that produces the most anxiety. I am convinced it’s the idea that they are offering their neck- the defense mechanism inside fires off and here we go! As people breathe, their hearts beat, and they squirm (even slightly), there are resulting blurs in the image called motion artifacts.
Not only that, they do something called T-1 fat-saturation, a time-consuming scan which makes everything but the dye show up dark.
I was immediately doubtful that we could get through the entire test, or even a part of it. The anxiety they felt when flat would be considerably aleviated in most people when tilted. The reason I ask is because I have just been referred for an arthrogram of my right shoulder. I think you were well handled and it warms the cockles of my shoulders to hear you had a good experience.
Besides, I have new issues to worry about; I’m currently waiting for a hernia repair surgery! Been having impingment feelings for years and mostly gone away after some physio sessions and standard rotator cuff excercises.
This is not the best choice in your case, because the metal in your shoulder can be a problem for what they want to see on the MR. Doctors will do their best, and will use all they can to create a solution to these novel conditions. When properly set up, these noises will interfere with your songs less than you might expect.
Turns any music I listen to into a childhood memory of my dad pulling out a favorite record from his vast collection or showing us his new, neat find, such as a record of Mr. It creates a good ambience, like vynil cracks when I listen to music at work, or the sound of evening crickets when I'm home and it's winter outside. Personally, I'm listening to it with Abby Road, though, any music created before cassette tapes were invented will sound better with this as background noise to make it sound more like an authentic record.

I remember listening to Mozart on vinyls when I was a child, and this noise overlapped to modern recordings reminds me those times so much. It's very unique playing it along side an existing track list; it really does breath an interesting vibe into it. This means that sliders are not associated to exact frequencies and that the generator's output will not turn into a pink-like spectrum when sliders are horizontally aligned.
The sound from the fan drowns out any unwanted and disruptive noise creating a peaceful haven to fall asleep. The new Leica SL Camera has the fastest autofocus of any professional camera, including DSLRs, making it easy to snap detailed 24 megapixel shots of fast action.
In addition to that, the best images get selected and published on the Daily Inspiration series here on Abduzeedo. Then he injects the contrast dye, which is another unpleasant experience I could do without repeating.
Microscopic demonstrations are also interesting, where the actual fiberous connective tissue damage is seen. The blurs are worse when there are bright parts of the image next to dark parts, and also when the shoulder joint moves into different positions during each scan-which makes it look like double exposures.
Rolling him to where his shoulder blade was on the table suppressed the shoulder moving as he breathed, his heart beat, or if he figgitted while in the scanner. On a scale of 1-10 I rated it a 1 for pain.Had a previous MRI at Veterans Hospital which showed a full thickness partial width tear of the infraspinatus muscle which was 4 cm from where it should be. Does he think you might have a derangement that might have just reduced its inflamation from non-use? Another MRI was done,it went great and the tech told me incorrect settings on the machine can cause spasms, anyone else have this problem? This time the pain wont go away with secondary pain around traps, orthopaedic specialist says that he is concerned hence tomorrows arthrogram.
People rock when they breathe, if only slightly- the head usually goes up and down and the lower chest rocks upward and downward. Rolling a person onto the shoulder blade not only stills the shoulder for imaging; it can reduce claustrophobic feelings by lessening the positional anxieties produced just by the fact that you are lying on your back. Instead, they will increase the perceived sound quality of your poor recordings by adding frequencies and transients that are missing. Recalling old memories from one of the most common white-ish noises back in the good old analog times. MRA stands for Magnetic Resonance Arthrogram (sometimes Magnetic Resonance Angiogram) or more succinctly can be described as MRI + contrast dye. The procedure was done whilst under an x-ray machine and takes several minutes during which the needle is constantly in your shoulder.
He is now 17 and it has never come back and he is doing good, other then afew health problems from the treatments.
Finally i found a good physio (i suggest looking until you find a good one, get 2nd, 3rd opinions!). When I arrived today, I asked what the MRA was and they had the doctor come out and specifically explain the procedure. Some radiologists scan more than the T-1 FS’s that are more of an MRI rather than an arthrogram study. One is fat saturation, which makes everything dark except the fluid injected into the joint. Also, you have had tons of x-ray in your life, and the younger you are the more susceptible to radiation you are. There have been patients that have told me it feels better too; however, it can be harder to rotate the thumb outward. To make our generator sound realistic, set the levels so that our noise generator becomes just audible in the quietest passages of your songs. All of this is housed in a rock-solid, weather-sealed aluminum body that is built to meet the demands of the most discerning pro shooters. I asked three different people if it hurt worse than a cortisone shot and they all said no. The physio I have been seeing thinks it is impingement of one of the tendons, this was also brought up at the clinic today.
The size of Snooz means you can leave it on your nightstand at home or take it with you on any vacation. My surgeon said that the scans can overplay or underplay injuries so said he would have to go into my shoulder to have a look at what’s going on (because i had been doing my rehab well and not seeing any results).
Some radiologists also add ABER views, where the arm is placed above the head and more scanning is done to demonstrate the arm joint in a different position. However, the doctor said we should proceed with the arthrogram to fully assess the area and to rule out any tears. There are things a tech can do to reduce that, but few techs nowadays bother to learn them- upping the bandwidth etc- but usually the tech is in the habit of blaming the machine and not making the effort to master it.
You’re able to control the tone from a light fan to deep fan as well as the volume so you can sleep through the noisiest of neighbors. The numbing agent did not burn going in and I never felt the needle insertion or contrast at all.
I will be going back to the surgeon after the MRI, and will definitely be asking a lot of questions! He told me yesterday that if it is a SLAP tear, physio won’t help it, only doing the op will. 30 min later, four times the amount of Lidocaine, me in tears and horrific pain at that point he got it.
Score 2-0 to me and 1 hell of a red-faced consultant when I lambasted him and told him square that if they hadn’t beaten around the bush, they would have listened and had this sorted with-in 6 months, not 3 years!
I have no clue what the results will be, if I ever have to have this again I will ask for some type of sedative first. The thing I felt after a few seconds was pressure from the dye going in and pressure of something (the needle) just gliding around inside my shoulder to get the right spot.
Your study may end up so far away that you will have no legal recourse if incorrectly interpreted.

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