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I have a wide nostril or nose; will wide nose rhinoplasty be of help?  This article has insightful information on wide nose including surgery, job, bridge and meaning.
Although nose shapes vary by ethnicity, your nose can be said to be too wide if it is disproportionate to other features of your face.
Looking at the nose from beneath, its tip should have a relatively triangular shape as opposed to an oval shape. While not much could have been done about a disproportionately wide nose bridge some time ago, these days rhinoplasty can be used to reduce the size of the nose bridge and make it proportionate to other features of the face such cheeks and eyes. Also referred to as a “Nose job”, rhinoplasty is a plastic surgery procedure used to reshape the nose. Despite the popular perception that rhinoplasty is mainly undertaken by teenagers, more than 50 percent of all nasal surgeries are performed on people aged over 35 years according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic surgery, ASAPs. A wide nose rhinoplasty procedure or surgery can be used to make the nose narrower and smaller and thus it can result in dramatic changes in your overall look. While the basis principles of rhinoplasty surgery underlie every procedure, no nose job is exactly the same as the other since the structure of the nose is quite complex According to Dr. A rhinoplasty can be carried out by a maxillofacial surgeon, an otolaryngologist or by a plastic surgeon. There are two types of rhinoplasty surgeries, namely closed and open, depending on the structural changes that are needed. If too wide, the nose can attract attention and take the focus away from the eyes and other facial areas. A nose job for a wide nose involves the removal of the surrounding tissues through small incisions below and inside the nose.
As we have already mentioned, rhinoplasty is now a common surgical practice in the United States, where more than quarter of a million procedures are performed annually, and in other parts of the world. For example it is widely claimed that Tyra Banks had a rhinoplasty done to reduce the size of her nose bridge. While a nose job seems very apparent for Tyra Banks, there is no way to prove that because she doesn’t seem to admit it. It could no doubt be the result of clever makeup but who knows what for sure has been cooking in Tyra Bank’s kitchen?
Other certain celebrities and models who have had a nose job done include Clay Aiken, Ryan Gosling, Lil Kim, Chelsea Clinton among others. A rhinoplasty or “nose job” if you like can help you get a well-balanced face and a more symmetrical look which can boost your self-confidence tenfold. This article contains insights on the meaning of septum piercing, how it is done, the dangers, price and cost reviews. This is the piercing of the wall separating the two orifices located on the nose mainly for the purpose of wearing a ring or a jewelry. Nose piecing has become more popular after the earlobe piercing and there are various rings made for this kind of piercing ranging from the loops, stud with a ball, stud with flat backing and many more.
A septum pierce is commonly done using a needle unlike to other types of piercing such as the earlobe piercing, belly button piercing, tongue piercing and other body piercings that are done using machine.
The price of piercing through the septum is a bit expensive compared to the other types of nose piercings such as nostril piercing and surface piercing. The price of septum pierce varies from one studio to the other and also from one region to the other. However, if you are planning to have your septum pierced, there are some factors that determine the price.
Region.The urban areas charges less compared to the rural area because of competition from the piercers.

When budgeting for septum pierce cost, there are various things that you should consider before going for the procedure.
Therefore the total cost can be ranging from 100-120 dollars when all other expenses are included. As any other kind of body piercing there is pain, but for septum the pain is somehow manageable. You may be planning to have your septum pierced and you are asking yourself the following questions. As you know, there is going to a breakage of the cartilage separating the two nostril, therefore it is associated with some pain but it is not that much agonizing. There are various types of jewelry in different designs made from various material ranging from gold, diamond, silver and other materials.
The piercing does not necessarily stink when you take good care of it by washing it with warm water. You may not be willing people to know you have pierced your septum or your work may not be allowing that. The good thing with a pierced septum is that it can get closed unlike to other types of body piercings. Stretching your piercing to create a bigger hole for bigger jewelry can make your eyes to water.
Apart from the FAQ there is also other important information that you have to keep in mind when planning to have your septum pierced. You should also consider the cleanliness of their equipment’s to avoid infected septum piercing related cases.
If it appears exaggeratedly oval, then you could be classified as having a nose that is wide. The specialist typically modifies the bone, cartilage or both to achieve the desired results. For example, it can be followed by an infection resulting in an abscess necessitating surgical drainage of the pus. Some people have also reported having distorted faces and breathing difficulties after rhinoplasty nose jobs. The surgeon can also cut, contour, and rearrange the craniofacial bones to attain the desired aesthetic goals. Although most of them don’t admit it publicly, numerous Hollywood celebrities and models have had a rhinoplasty (or other plastic surgeries) done to improve their appearances.
She previously had a relatively wide nose bridge, but the look from her recent photos suggests an improvement. The newer photo on the right shows her with a relatively smaller nose bridge and a less bulbous tip. In fact, she claimed that she is anti-plastic surgery on an interview with the People Magazine.
Some such as Ryan Gosling openly admits it, but for others, their surprisingly new looks leaves us with the entire story to tell.
Long time ago nose piecing was a tradition, but now days it  is done as a show of beauty in different part of the world such as Australia, United States of America, United Kingdom, Canada, Europe, Africa and many more.
This type of nose piercing is rare compared to other types of nose piercing since it involves piercing through the wall that separates the two nostrils. In developed regions, the piercing price is lower compared to the regions that are still developing. More experienced piercers tends to charge more than others because they are efficient and their services has minimal or no dangers.

There are different types of jewels made from different materials in the market for a septum pierce. After the piercing you may be recommended to use such products to faster healing and to avoid infections. After summing the price of piercing and the total costs incurred, you will get the estimated total on how much the septum pierce take. You will notice tears in the eyes of the person being pierced, it is not necessarily because of the pain. It may produce some discharge around the piercing if it was done at a wrong sport by unexperienced piercer. If you are not happy with it, you can simply remove the jewelry and then you leave it to close. When you proceed to the checkout page, the Seller Discount will be automatically calculated.
But like we have said, discretion is needed on your part to determine whether the nose is attracting attention and taking focus away from other features especially the eyes. Nose job is either done to enhance a person’s aesthetic appeal (by correcting nasal flaws) or to correct a primary rhinoplasty that didn’t achieve the desired outcomes. A nose job can be done to correct this kind of a scenario and make you more confident about your looks. While Tyra Banks claims that her nose and breast are absolutely natural, a careful look at her previous and recent photos doesn’t seem so convincing.
Some communities like the Australian Aboriginal are having such nose piercing as a way of their culture.
Also you may be required to pay more for transportation to travel from rural area to urban areas in search for a good piercing studio.
You may be given a discount of 5% on the total price for other related body piercings like the nostril piercing or any other.
The nose is located near the eyes and is due to the nervous response so don’t be scared of that. You feels as if it is a small hit in your nose that causes your eye to water for few seconds. For faster healing you are not supposed to change the flip during the healing process and take care while taking off your clothes not to damage the pierced area. It is recommended that you ask your piercer to make the hole bigger rather than stretching it to enlarge.
Every nose job is therefore unique and customized to match the goals of the patient and the structure of their nose.
You may find studios that charge less but their level of cleanliness and facilities are below standards. You may be recommended to use sea salt based cleanser with warm water to clean the pierced area.
Also you can chose a black septum retainer that is not easily noted when flipped up inside your nose. They are even supposed to advice you on the type of the jewelry that suits the shape and size of your nose. It is advisable to leave the area heal with a jewelry but if you may want to remove it because of work or other reasons, soak in warm water before pulling out to avoid creating a new wound.

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