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Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. Working with sterling silver they craft rhombus pendants that recall the zarandas (conical tops) that Inca men would use during their ceremonies. Infused with innovative style these earrings make an elegant complement to your semi-dressy attire. Ploy Intha has an unbreakable spirit battling countless difficulties to fulfill her dream as a silversmith.

Intha describes the intricate process unique to each piece: Silver sheets are stamped into little vegetal leaves. These strings are then slowly coiled cut and adjusted together to form the desired pattern. These shaped strings are then soldered into sturdy bases and the leaves and hooks attached to them. From Withaya Cheunjit the earrings are handcrafted with silver pendants stamped with flowers by Karen hill tribe artisans in Thailand.

Lustrous and round South Sea cultured pearls mounted on 18k white gold posts, with push backs for pierced ears.
The artisan crafts the leaf pendants from sterling silver and suspends them on a matte silver wire necklace and sterling silver earring hooks.

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