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Raf Simons, creative director of Christian Dior and ultimate style arbiter, started it all when he sent models down the fall 2013 runway wearing surreal shifts and a single earring. Gone are the days when only ‘80’s rock stars and professional athletes sported a single earring, it’s now a signature style of the fashion forward.
Like any fresh, novel trend, only adorning one lobe can feel (and look) a little disconcerting, but there are several fun ways to give it a trial run.
Take a cue from the man who started it all and try wearing a single earring with a classic design.
The ear cuff has been a thing for a while now, but always paired with some other type of ear adornment. One-Sided: The Single Earring Trend to Try for Fall, It’s time to pick a side, since the fall single earring trend leaves only one lobe as champion. Many people like One-Sided: The Single Earring Trend to Try for Fall, for fashion collection and news style in this year.
We have a large selection of wholesale fashion bags for sale in every style and type of bag.
This information presented on this site was created by a person who once worked in a retail chain that offers ear piercings performed with a gun.
When undergoing an ear piercing in a store or salon that offers ear piercing services using guns, the first order of business will be to obtain consent.
1) Sanitation because of the plastic componenents and cost of proper sanitizing equipment, piercing guns are not properly sterilized. 2) Blunt force trauma because they need to be worn for a long period of time, piercing studs are not very sharp, many have rounded tips, with grooves in the post so that the backing fastens securely to the stud. 4) Studs because of the way a piercing gun works, it is not possible to be pierced using anything other than stud earrings, this causes a problem in many people who experience excessive swelling, because as the ear swells, the backing and front of the stud pinch it, which causes more swelling, and eventually infection.
5) Training the training is usually minimal, often covered by reading a booklet and practicing by piercing circular cosmetic sponges. Good Wooden Cross Stud Earring Wood One Size, View Cross wood earrings, None Product Details from Ulikia Technology Co., Ltd. Emma Watson, (who also daringly, and successfully we think, wore her dress over pants), and indie darling Adele Exarchopoulos both rocked a single statement earring at the Golden Globes. Herewith our favorites – just be prepared for the inevitable “I think you lost an earring,” comments from the less sartorially adventurous. Wearing just one long, shoulder-grazing stunner (like this one from Citrine by the Stones) can seem a little daring – but it’s also a good way to ease into the trend.
You can’t go wrong with pearls or diamonds in a low-key setting, just make sure it’s still a little irreverent – we adore the way this design by Noir Jewelry combines pretty and punk. Contrary to popular belief, these are not mutually exclusive – you can find her roaming the local library in her Louboutins.

Rather than sporting the traditional two, the runways have lightened your accessory load by offering one well-dressed ear with an elongated, single stud dangler.
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As of yet there are no widespread certifications or government regulated training requirements associated with the use of piercing guns. These places are businesses, and they will always have legalities in mind, and cover their butts so to say. Essentially, these blunt points with grooves and notches shred their way through healthy tissue using the force and speed the gun provides.
Often the earring adapter will not release the earring once it is already in place, inside the ear, and it has to be removed by pulling at it with pliers. Stud earrings also do not allow for as thorough cleaning as do hoop earrings, and while some people remove the studs early and change to hoops, this only adds to the trauma of the tissues, and prolongs the healing process.
The square corners and metal edges of the cradles that hold both the adapter and backing, can easily pinch the chubby cheeks of infants as the guns are held paralell to their face.
If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. And what could have been just an isolated (if appealing) avant garde runway moment has turned into a full-fledged trend. And high-end jewelry designers like Delfina Delettrez and Loree Rodkin actually sell single earrings as opposed to the more traditional pair. If you feel the need to take it slow, just wear your hair swept over the bare ear a la Angelina Jolie. Check out Jennifer Lawrence’s art-deco dazzler for inspiration (Nasty Gal offers an excellent look-alike). Her goal as a CHAOS blogger is to blend her journalistic expertise with her unique brand of geek-chic.
While less is more may not be the message these statement earrings delivered at Louis Vuitton, Celine and Isabel Marant, both minimalists and maximalists can rejoice as there are infinite ways to embellish your earlobes using a solitary earring. In addition, we have fashion handbags in nearly every color of the rainbow with options that range from subtle, neutral tones to bold and dramatic shades. This is not intended as an endorsement of any one form of piercing, but rather a warning against the risks posed by ear piercing guns.
Most ear piercing guns are made from plastic and metals, and can be purchased without any special license or required training from beauty supply stores and manufacturers.

The salesperson will often explain in detail the procedure, while wiping the gun's surface with an antiseptic wipe. Antiseptic wipes are not able to kill germs instantly, and do not usually kill blood borne pathogens like Hepatitis or HIV. Because a stud is not streamlined it increases the amount of damage to the tissues and causes excesive swelling. Often times the piercing guns will not pierce all the way through a customer's ear, leaving a stud pushed part ways through the lobe, and a puzzled salesperson.
Many body piercers apprentice and go through lengthy training sessions, and are highly skilled at what they do.
I have since then come to learn about how bad ear piercing guns really are, and my experiences at this company, and with my own piercings, only confirmed it. Although the bonus of buying two and wearing one is that when you lose it (like we inevitably do) you have a backup. The cuff reads a little tougher than your average earring, so don’t be afraid to take it for a walk on the wild side by sporting it solo. A former New Yorker, Erin now calls beautiful Denver, Colorado, home and finds endless sartorial inspiration in its purple mountain majesty and wide-open blue skies.
Whether it’s a crystal-covered crucifix chain a la Tory Burch or a small, simple, shark tooth hoop from Isabel Marant, there’s something for every taste that delivers the same amount of impact. Their use is widespread, and almost every mainstream ear piercing facility (Claire's, Merle Norman, Wal-Mart and beauty salon type places) uses them.
Usually the surface of the ear is also cleaned with a similar wipe, and the customer is consulted on the exact placement they would like the piercing to have.
Many salespeople are told to do this in front of the customer to reassure them and gain their trust, while some never do it at all. When that happens options are to try and manually push the earring the rest of the way through, or remove it and pierce it again.
Body piercing is usually done with a sterile, single use, long smooth hollow needle that had a razor sharp tip, this minimalizes the damage to tissues. I believe places that offer this service feed their employees propaganda about the safety of piercing guns, and use them to sell it to the customers so they can make a lot of money, in the end, everybody loses except them. All the content of this site are free of charge and therefore we do not gain any financial benefit from the display or downloads of any images. If you want to get your ears pierced, or any other part of your body, visit a place that offers this service and ask questions, learn about the procedure, sanitation, training and experience the piercer has and decide for yourself.

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