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Her wedding day is the most important day of any girl’s life; it is the day she enters another chapter of her life. Apart from effort, a very big investment also goes into this big day, the biggest one being in wedding clothes, and the second biggest one in bridal jewelry. These Pakistani brides’ jewelry wallpapers are a show of how important these little values are to a Pakistani bride.
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Every girl dreams to look perfect on her wedding, from her clothes, to jewelry, to shoes, and make up, she puts great effort into perfecting each any every detail of herself on this big day of her life.

With these designs on your desktop background, it will be a constant reminder of how important this traditional aspect of marriage is to a bride.
From minimalistic, to traditional, from diamonds to gold, from original to artificial; everything in bridal jewelry looks beautiful.
These Pakistani dulhan gold jewelry design wallpapers pictures for desktop backgrounds are made specifically for the brides to put on their desktops as they go out and shop for their weddings. In Pakistan, a country where traditions and culture is closely followed, the bride, called the ‘dulhan’, is supposed to wear gold jewelry with rather heavy designs.
This keeps alive in them the spirit and value of their culture, reminding them how beautiful it is and how worthy it is to all things traditional; following what Pakistani women have been doing as brides for generations and generations, and it is always a plus point that it looks and feels so beautiful. Even though some may look at these jewelry designs with eyes of skeptics, it can be said that these jewelry designs are unique and beautiful in their own way.

Carved with gold and embellished with pretty and colorful stones, this wedding jewelry for Pakistani brides can be made into any design of the brides’ choice. The matching stones make sure it contrasts well with her clothes and the gold reflects the wealth her parents give away with her.

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