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It seems the page you were trying to find on my site isn't around anymore (or at least around here). Like the growing breed of paper quill crafters trying out traditional jewellery, my friend and the ever chirpy and creative Sankgetha Sripathy (pronounced Sangeetha) who runs the Smudgy Trove Facebook page, tried out of all things, jhumkis or jhumkas, that are so integral to an Indian woman's conventional attire. She was kind enough to send me the pictures of material she used, and details of how she made them. Now insert the eye-pin in that narrow hole, in such a way that the `eye' sits on top of the cone, and bend the pin's other end inside the cone to steady it.

You could overcome this problem by minimising the amount of glue you use while rolling the paper, and alternatively using a finishing spray to give the pieces a glossy shine.
If you are into paper quilling and love jewellery, this one is a perfect combination for a creative afternoon! Unlike the usual greens and reds besides gold hues that we use for jhumkis , these can be used with a range of clothes.
It will be a while before I get hooked to this craft that's become a rage in India, but here is something from someone who is dear to me.

Be kind enough to tell me where i can get thesupplies for this in an affordable rate in mumbai(borivalli). But I am still struggling with jhumkies as I am not yet able to make a cone out of the roll.

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