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The picture shows 7-7.5 white akoya pearl earring in 14k white gold earring settings with rubber earring backs, please feel free to email us for replacing a normal butterfly earring back free of charge.
Free delivery via Global Express by UPS, DHL, EMS or TNT to USA, UK, AU, CA and other countries. A free appraisal certificate stands so firmly behind each piece of pearl jewelry from Pearl Hours.
Pearls are special in the gem world because they are not mined from the earth, but rather created slowly in the soft tissue of a mollusk.

Make the magic and mystery of pearls a part of your appearance.A  These genuine freshwater pearl earrings are like drops of moonlight nestled on your ear. Buy these pearl earrings to have a special treasure from the ocean that you can wear every day. It certifies that all our pearl products are strictly examined and of 100% authenticity in accordance with the description in the document. With this number, you have 24-hour access to monitor the progress of your pearls as it is in transit to you.

The first Tahitian pearl stud earrings are great and the second pair is for my little daughter. A Compared to earth mined gems that are faceted and polished before they reach you, the A pearls you can have as jewelry are the same as they were when they were still undiscovered in the bottom of the ocean.

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