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The Future Call EZAi2997DB-R cordless phone is equipped with DECT 6.0 technology, which delivers enhanced voice clarity up to 35db Max Hanset Volume and security features. With sophisticated big button design, the EZAi2997-R also features large fonts, visual ringers, audio boost up to 35db Max Hanset Volume and caller ID announce.
The best starting point in choosing phones for the hearing impaired is to ascertain the level of amplification required.
The Clarity C4220 and C4230 50 decibel phones are the gold standard in hearing impaired phones for users with severe hearing loss. Uniden phones for the hearing impaired are some of the most popular options in this segment.
While intended for the hard of hearing, sight impaired and arthritic there are thousands of consumers who simply want a phone that is louder and easier to use. On reading the technical specifications it becomes immediately apparent that the KX-TG6592T is very little different from any other top end Panasonic cordless phone.
The thing to be aware of is that this phone is not suitable for use by the severely hearing impaired.

We would be very surprised if Panasonic became a serious threat to Clarity phones in the hearing impaired phone niche. Interference from wireless networks is no longer an issue with this system, so you can enjoy hassle free communication all the time. It's essential to know whether the intended user has mild, moderate or severe hearing loss.
They tick all the boxes from prominent visual ringers through to well spaced backlit buttons. Uniden Loud and Clear phones come in a range of models: with or without answering machines, and cordless as well as corded cordless. We have always been impressed with the quality of Plantronics products and Clarity phones for the hearing impaired are no exception.
It's first effort is best described as an amplified cordless phone with big buttons, big display and larger than average handset. It doesn't provide sufficient amplification and lacks the associated features found on Clarity hearing impaired telephones such as the XLC2 and XLC3.4.

It will be interesting to see if Panasonic releases more models corresponding with Uniden's corded cordless options, as well as a model without an answering machine. Clarity is too well established and continues to update its products to stay ahead of the pack.
On the rare occassion that we spot a negative review it nearly always relates to difficulties in hearing and or handsets that are difficult to grip. The 14 minute digital answering system features time day stamp, message alert and call screening. It's proprietary DCP technology counteracts factors that reduce the clarity of hearing impaired telephones.
The handsets also incorporate full duplex speakerphones, which means that unlike many of the alternatives there is no cutting out when both parties speak at the same time.

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