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Sierra Physical Therapy:Sierra Physical Therapy is a privately owned physical therapy practice. RESEARCH AND PROBLEM SOLVING IS OUR MAIN LINE- Professionalism is central to our daily functions. Knee joint pain with or without arthritis is a major discomfort syndrome for the young and old.
Try our technique for 6 sessions & you will cancel your injections and the scheduled total knee replacement! Basketball, football, baseball, hockey or any other players who received an injury to their back can be treated with EMG-Based technology in very short period of time.
Try our technique to eliminate knee joint pain for 6 sessions & you will cancel your injections and the scheduled total knee replacement. To safely self-treat your low back pain, first take a moment to assess your symptoms and pain level. Fortunately, most LBP is mechanical–meaning it is from a physical or structural cause and isn’t related to conditions such as cancer or infections. Perform Standing Back Extensions – After sitting, stand up and perform standing back extensions. Activate the Multifidus – Start exercises to activate the multifidus muscles as soon as possible. If you Sit, Use Good Posture – Use a McKenzie Lumbar Roll to help insure a good lumbar curve. Stretch the Muscles of the Legs and Pelvis – Hamstring, Hip Flexor, and Piriformis Stretches for LBP help to reduce muscle spasms and tightness throughout pelvis area when performed daily. Reduce Inflammation and Support the Healing Response – I recommend starting a thirty day course of CapraFlex by Mt. Ice as Needed for Pain – The rule for icing is to apply ice no more than twenty minutes per hour.
Use Topical Analgesics for Pain – There are many topical agents which can be used for pain.
Disclaimer:  The Physical Therapy Advisor blog is for general informational purposes only and does not constitute the practice of medicine or other professional health care services, including the giving of medical advice. Sign up to receive my blog posts via e-mail and instantly get access to my 10 Minutes per Day Low Back Pain Prevention Guide. Oddly enough, treating rotator cuff tears does not necessarily mean healing the injured tendon. In regards to a rotator cuff tear, physical therapy can help by improving the mechanics of shoulder muscles. As with any pain or injury, it is important to treat sooner rather than later, especially for a body part as critical as the shoulder. Arthur began to work in outpatient and inpatient rehabilitation, as well as in the wound care and burn care units acquiring expansive experience with diverse diagnoses.
Having worked in the acute setting, Arthur understood the early phases of healing which profoundly relate to various conditions which he now treats in the output setting. In 1998, he joined forces with Bruno Steiner in order to treat chronic and acute orthopedic pain, and promote the benefits of manual therapy in the greater New Orleans area.

Arthur Cormier is licensed to practice physical therapy in the state of Louisiana and is in good standing with the state board of Louisiana physical therapy examiners. Adding to his foundation of manual therapy from LSU, Arthur continued his extensive post graduate continuing education with Michigan State University College of Osteopathy, University of St.
We offer a unique new technique for treating back pain, hip, knee, heel, neck injuries and related pain without surgery! The main reason for such statement is the strong plasticity of their systems (muscles, ligaments, neural tissues as well as tendons) and the high degree of acceptance of their systems to guided therapeutic exercises. Mohamed Sabbahi is a professor of Neuroscience, Electrodiagnosis & Physical Therapy at Texas Woman's University, Houston, Texas for the last 24 years.
One major reason for this is that the deep stabilizing muscles known as the multifidus muscles reflexively shrink, weaken, and lose function. It’s the number one way your spine receives nutrients and disposes of metabolic waste products. Do not place the ice directly against the skin, especially if you are using a gel pack style. My two favorites to help manage pain and stiffness are Arnica Montana (an herbal rub) and Biofreeze.
It will either most certainly affect you or someone close to you.  Be pro-active in maintaining a healthy back by incorporating these helpful methods for a speedy recovery. How do you manage your pain and progress in your recovery?  Please submit your comments below. When someone has shoulder pain, it is often referring to inflammation or a tear of the tendons that connect the rotator cuff to the bone.
Shoulder pain can be relieved by reduced inflammation and restored joint functions, which is where physical therapy comes into play. It is important to think of arms, like the entire body, as a single entity that functions only when all parts are working in equal harmony. Contact us at Action Reaction Physical Therapy for a health evaluation and begin the road to recovery. Cormier, having served greater Baton Rouge community then sought a center which supported, specialized and dedicated itself to the treatment methodology. Augustine School of Physical Therapy, the Myofascial Release Institute, the Upledger Institute, all of which focus intensively on manual therapeutic disciplines. This is a new research-based innovative technology which we offer from our office in Houston, Texas. Players will respond favorably to our treatment starting from the first session with full recovery by 3rd or 4th sessions. He is an academician, clinician & researcher with more than 40 years experience in the field of rehabilitation. This follow-up post includes how to safely self-treat your low back pain and helpful methods for a speedy recovery. Without proper rehabilitation, the muscles will not fully recover.  This increases the risk of future episodes because the spine no longer has the ability to stabilize itself normally. I personally use it, and in my practice, it has helped clients recover faster and prevent injury.

Individuals with poor circulation or impaired sensation should take particular care when icing.
At Action Reaction Physical Therapy, our therapists work with you to get you on track to be your healthiest, happiest self. Physical therapy will not heal a torn rotator cuff tendon, but it is beneficial as treatment along with anti-inflammatory medications.
Many shoulder muscles are emphasized during exercise while others are neglected, which can cause such injury as a rotator cuff tear. Arthur has also been awarded scholastic credit through Creighton University school of Physical Therapy.
The Lumbar Extensor Exercises are designed to progressively activate the multifidus muscles (with the final exercise being the most challenging). It can interfere with some blood thinning medication, so if you are on this type of medication, please check with your physician.
This typically would be activities involving heavy loading of the spine such as squats with weight, deadlifts, and other activities that may cause forward flexion (particularly under a load). If your pain is not improving, I highly suggest seeking a qualified and competent physical therapist who works with clients suffering from LBP.
Physical therapy can help treat shoulder injuries, one of the most common being a rotator cuff tear. Studies have shown that 30% of people under age 70 have a rotator cuff tear with no symptoms of pain. Physical therapy targets those smaller muscles and tendons that are equally as important in the shoulders’ function.
Adding to his tremendous academic achievements, he holds a law degree from LSU and is a current member of the Louisiana State Bar Association. Once the pain subsides and muscle function improves, more advanced lumbar extension strengthening and stabilizing exercises should be performed to decrease your risk of re-current low back pain.
As you are able to, continue to work on cardiovascular conditioning and core muscle activation, particularly the lumbar extension exercises. The American Physical Therapy Association offers a wonderful resource to help find a physical therapist in your area. Strengthening these supporting muscles improves the joint mechanics and compensates for the damaged tendon, restoring shoulder ability. In most states, you can seek physical therapy advice without a medical doctor’s referral (although it may be a good idea to seek your physician’s opinion as well). If your pain progresses from the area of the injury into your leg, then you need to stop that activity. If the pain remains constant or is progressing out of the leg, then continue with the activity as you are helping the body to heal.

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