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I got my cartilatge pierced 3 weeks ago and I am not planning on changing it yet as it isn't fully healed but I am looking at rings to put in it. The sell some nice rings there so I might go there to buy one and ask then, they use the same size for all cartilage piercings so they will most likely just know which one it is. These are stretching tapers, you use these to make your piercings bigger, for example if you a flesh tunnel.
I think that lip piercings are really cool, hopefully the next piercing im going to be getting is my lip at the left. Sometimes gauge sizes are listed by their size in millimeters, so we've provided a conversion. After determining the gauge of your piercing you will want to determine the length needed, this can be tricky!

Body piercing requires artistic talent, medical knowledge, professional training and a lengthy apprenticeship.
It is important to stretch slowly and safely, increasing only one gauge at a time, and only when your ears are fully healed from their most recent stretch.
It is incredibly important to size your jewelry before you buy it because the fact is no two people are pierced the same and once jewelry is opened from packaging it would be unsanitary to return or resell it. The gauge is the thickness of the stem or ring (the part that goes through the piercing) It’s a good idea to ask your piercer what gauge needle was used or will be used for your piercing. When measuring posts people often make the mistake of including the end balls, stones or disks. When measuring the internal diameter you measure the distance inside the hoop or circular, not to the outer part of the ring. This is also incredibly important because not only does the ball or stone need to fit the post you choose but it needs to be large enough so it doesn’t go into your piercing! I'd advice going back to the piercer and they should be able to measure it with a pair of calipers and advice what ring would fit best. For more information about how long to wait between gauge sizes, see our ear stretching FAQ's.

You should wait until your ears are fully healed from piercing before starting to stretch and increase their gauge size. You can determine the gauge of your jewelry by printing out our Measuring Chart and laying your current piece of jewelry on the different widths. The end pieces are not included in the this measurement, you should be measuring just the post or the barbell. When determining the size of the end piece you should choose one that fits the gauge of your barbell and is proportionate to the length of your jewelry.  Below are some of the end ball and stone sizes.
Look for a professional piercer who uses sterile instruments and needles in a clean environment: check your piercer's experience, reputation and level of training.
By sizing the jewelry before you buy it you will save yourself the frustration of returning jewelry that doesn’t fit!

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