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The family of toll-like receptors normally recognizes structurally similar molecules derived from microbial pathogens and plays a key role in host defense. Registered address: Unit 14, Rectory Farm Business Park, Upper Stondon, Bedfordshire, SG16 6LJ, UK. When skin comes in contact with nickel materials like earrings, necklace clasp, watchband etc and it causes rashes it means the person is allergic to nickel. Genetic: If other family members suffer from nickel allergy then there are chances of inheriting it.
Working with metals: Those whose occupation involves exposure to nickel have high risk of developing a nickel allergy.
Piercing of ears and other body parts is a common cause for nickel allergy; continuous exposure to nickel usually leads to allergic reactions. If a person is allergic to other metals like cobalt, chromium then there are chances that he may develop nickel allergy as well. After the skin is exposed to items of nickel the allergic reaction could start in twelve to forty eight hours after exposure. When the skin is exposed to nickel and the person sweats then it is a very serious symptom.

If symptoms show an infection which includes pus in the infected portion, pain and increase in redness then the person should consult a medical expert immediately. To treat nickel allergy dermatologist may advice some medicines so as to decrease irritation and better the form of rashes.
The best way to avoid allergic reactions is to keep away from exposure to articles containing nickel. The team showed that nickel directly activated human, but not mouse, TLR4 and studies with mutant proteins showed that non-conserved histidine residues at positions 456 and 458 were necessary for activation of human TLR4. When a person develops nickel allergy then the person will always will be sensitive to nickel and therefore should always avoid contact with it.
The dermatologist could recommend medicines such as oral corticosteroid when allergy is very severe or oral antihistamine to get relief from itchiness. Wild type mice do not show an allergy to nickel but transgenic mice expressing human, rather than mouse, TLR4 could be efficiently sensitized to the metal. Beans, nuts, chocolate, oatmeal and dried fruits have nickel and sometimes it can be found in canned foods also. The allergic reaction can be commonly seen where the skin comes in touch with the metal, however it may also be seen on other parts of the body.

The doctor may also advise corticosteroid cream such as betamethasone dipropionate and clobetasol. This is the first time that an inorganic substance has been shown to activate this innate immune pathway and, since histidines 456 and 458 are not essential for responses to microbial lipopolysaccharide, the authors suggest that site-specific inhibition of TLR4 could provide a potential strategy for treatment of nickel allergy, which would not compromise normal immune responses. Nickel allergy affects millions of people and is often associated with earrings and jewellery for other body piercings.
A person can become allergic to nickel when the skin is exposed to items of nickel repeatedly for a long time. It can be made by soaking a clean piece of cloth in the solution of Burow which contains aluminum acetate.

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