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The British online fashion magazine Grazia recently looked at the latest trends in body piercing in the fashion world. While the process of getting your septum pierced may be quick and (almost) painless, you still need to take care when choosing your piercer. And once the piercing is complete, you need to closely follow the aftercare instructions that you are given by your piercer.
While several of the old standbys are still at or near the top of the charts, one piercing showed up as a somewhat surprising entry on the list.

Other piercings in the top five include the ears (still number one by far), eyebrows, navel, tongue and the nostrils. Cleaning with a saline solution or other piercing specific after care product is essential for proper healing and minimizing the chances for infection. It seems that the septum piercings worn lately by a wide range of celebrities, from Rhianna to Madonna, are being emulated by Americans and Brits in droves. You should also avoid removing the jewelry for at least six weeks so there is adequate time for healing.

Once the piercing has fully healed you will be able to change the jewelry whenever you want in order to keep up with the current trends a€“ or possibly start a trend of your own.

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