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The PW4000 112-inch engine, an ultra-high-thrust model covering the 74,000 to 90,000 pound-thrust class, is the reliability, experience and Extended-range Twin-engine Operations (ETOPS) leader for the 777 aircraft, providing the best customer value.
The engine’s advanced, service-proven technologies including single-crystal super alloy materials, powdered metal disks, and Full-Authority Digital Electronic Control (FADEC), provide excellent operational performance and durability. The PW4000 112-inch engine retains the outstanding accessibility and component modularity of other PW4000 family members to reduce maintenance time and cost. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

These features contribute to the engine's excellent environmental performance, which meets with margin all current noise and emissions regulations. A TSS have gone out and captured the best sound moments that are a realistically sonorous representation of the Pratt & Whitney PW4000-112 engines. A But what I want to know is, did he run alongside the plane as it was taking off and hang on to a wheel to record the sounds as the plane took off?
Also, the fan case is easily separated from the engine's core for split shipment without disturbing the bearing compartments.

A These sounds were recorded by a now very deaf breathless software technician, who stood within a few feet of these mighty engines. A These sounds are awesome just play the video (after the break) and see what I mean, and note in the video the sounds are reduced!!

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