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If you manage this site and have a question about why the site is not available, please contact us directly. Yulong’s philosophy is to provide the highest standard of tuition and knowledge while respecting and accommodating the needs of every practitioner under our care. She had a gift for Jian (Straight sword), which was quickly observed by her teacher, Professor Jiang Bei Long (currently the highest ranked master in China). Professor Jiang decided to pass his vast knowledge of the weapon on to her, which she has honoured and treasured to this day.

We thrust, we downward parried, we clouded, we performed upward strikes and pointed until we thought we couldn’t do it anymore, then we did. We have been amazed at the response to this workshop and promise all wushu practitioners that we will continue to offer this standard of program for as long as you want us to.
So, we were awed at the prospect of her passing on even a small portion of this knowledge to us. We will be running another Taijijian Workshop in the new year, so if you are interested please contact us to reserve a place.

She explained how to send Qi to the tip of the sword and worked on our rooting and waists until we could see our sword tips vibrate and snap. It is safe to say we learnt more about Taiji and the Jian that afternoon than we have probably ever learnt since starting our Taiji practice.

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