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Razer may have made a name for itself with computer mice, but they have carved a niche within gaming audio equipment as well.
The Morays are not a headset (there is no microphone) which will limit their appeal to many online gamers. I’d like to point out to your readers that when compaired with other in-ear headphones of the SAME price range they are actually quite poor quality. They have put out a sound card and a few different headsets and they just released their first set of in-ear headphones (also known as earphones). They didn’t blow me away with their sound quality, but they offer a well-rounded and fun experience.

The Moray in-ear gaming headphones may not be as feature-rich as models like the Piranha or HP-1 but they are more portable and will be selling for under $40. They are white, lightweight earphones that are slightly bulbous, but they don’t protrude from your ears that much. Their fit is not as good as something from Shure, but they are lightweight enough that they don’t fall out of your ears, plus there are three sizes of ear buds so they will be OK for a wide assortment of people. The clarity could be better (compared to slightly more expensive products) but if you are looking for an intense gaming experience that doesn’t alienate your downstairs neighbors or the person sitting next to you on the bus, these will do the job nicely. Because the fit it not very tight in your ear they will not have the bothersome isolating feeling of some in-ear products, but they don’t cut down on ambient noise or enter your ear as much either.

This will come in handy when getting the Morays from place to place, as the thin, rubbery wiring tangles very easily.

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