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Kirby: Ever since the first game came out it's been a popular trend on art sites to make character hats for Kirby. Speaking of copying, it's a popular trend to have Kirby copy Captain Falcon make remix videos of his version of Falcon Punch with Gourmet Race in the background like this one. Ike's "I FIGHT FOR MY FRIENDS"Explanation What he says during his victory pose, delivered in the most strange, Dull Surprise way possible.
After Ike's new, Radiant Dawn-based appearance in the fourth game, plenty of jokes have been made about how he has bulked up since Brawl. Marth(a)Explanation Many people noticed Marth's incredibly bishounen appearance, certain feminine animations, and the fact that he wears a tiara. From Robin and Lucina's reveal trailer, the "No, you'll get it today" subtitle at the end became memetic around the Japanese fanbase, often used to mock other characters who didn't become playable.
Also, good luck mentioning Robin without someone mentioning tipping scales somewhere along the thread. To a lesser extent, Lucina's "I challenge my fate!" line has seemed to become somewhat quotable around the fanbase, as it was in her original game. The Villager's constant smile and soulless eyes have made the fandom deem him Cute and Psycho. Numerous pics have been made joking about how Lucario and Greninja were chosen over Mewtwo◊ for Smash Bros.
Now it's Shulk time!Explanation Based on the already memetic "Now it's Reyn time!" from Shulk's game of origin, this is the first line he recites after his official confirmation in his trailer. One of Shulk's lines in Japanese, "Odayaka janai desu ne?"Translation "Not being gentle, huh?", also has gone memetic in the Japanese fanbase. Among the Japanese fanbase, Roy (FE) is associated with curry, thanks to the winner of a photo contest◊ from the Melee days. Since the Young Lion's DLC release, its become common to show art of the two Roys being friends, if not rivals.
Where's Meta Knight's sword?Explanation  One of the nerfs Meta Knight got in the fourth game is reduced range in his attacks, to the point where some people joke that he doesn't have a sword.

SMAAAAAAAAAAAASH BROTHERS!Explanation What the Large Ham announcer says after the game's opening cinematic.
Explanation What started as a Mario Party meme bled into Smash Bros when players realized that some starting configurations can make computer players consistently self-destruct before knocking out an idle player. Explanation  Since Kirby's Adventure, and for most subsequent games in the series, when Kirby uses his neutral B, the inhale, copies his opponent's neutral special and gains a hat(since Kirby Super Star) or some form of attire based off the character. Thanks to this snapshot◊ from the official Brawl website, it is a common joke in the fandom to superimpose a doughnut on Ike's face and call him "Donutman". HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!"Explanation Sonic shouts the first phrase upon activating his Final Smash, Super Sonic. Certain parts of the Smash fandumb and the Sonic hatedumb are at arms with this, and pretend to be in disbelief to Sonic's inclusion in the game, combined with the unexpected success Sonic players have achieved in certain tournaments, as well as the rising of his tier.
It doesn't help that even his reveal trailer seems to hint that there's a mean streak behind the carefree face. The reveal in question then proceeded to turn out to be Robin and Lucina, which cast the credibility of the remainder of his leak into question. This quote is used in place of his "Shulk time" taunt in the Japanese versions, and in Xenoblade itself is the equivalent to "It looks like we don't have a choice!", meaning it was also his trailer title, possibly explaining its popularity. Now that Shulk has been revealed (and it turned out that the "photoshopped" portrait was real), pictures featuring Shulk are often sarcastically claimed to contain a "shopped Little Mac". 4!" Explanation A Name's the Same joke that implies that Roy from Fire Emblem is returning, when it's really Roy Koopa (or, less commonly, Marth with a Palette Swap in Roy's colors).
Explanation  In Melee, Roy also had hitboxes that didn't match up with his moves' animations. They would often accidentally use the Jolt Haymaker (Mac's side special) to leap off the edge of Final Destination, self-destructing in the process. Explanation Alpharad TV on YouTube has had quite a good time messing with For Glory Little Macs, taking advantage of his awful recovery. Explanation Ganon got his nickname as the "King of Disrespect" because he's slow but hits hard.

Please note, if you wish to add an example here, please leave a note or labelnote explaining why it's an example. The most obvious setup is Jungle Japes in Melee, where the combination of off-set platforms and rushing water underneath really does a number on the computer player's senses.
He is usually grouped up with Mega Swampert from Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire and Knuckles from Sonic Boom due to the similar buffed up appearances. His unsettlingly happy smile and gleam in his eye has been interpreted in many, many horrifying ways. Eventually, the Fire Emblem Roy also returned via DLC, which is Lampshaded by having Roy show animosity towards the Koopaling and attacking him mid-trailer. In Brawl on last stock behavior, it was unpredictable whether he won, lost, or sudden death occurred. This has become an Ascended Meme with the announcement of Bayonetta as DLC, as her official art◊, which depicts a battle between light and dark, has an axe-wielding Villager on the dark side. It has since become a joke that whenever a huge bug is found, the patch that fixes it will include a nerf to Greninja thrown in for good measure.
A Classic mode clear image on the 3DS version shows them both being pals and riding Roy Koopa's clown car together.
Well-known player Hungrybox (who plays as Jigglypuff) got so irritated with hearing it that he ragequit, forfeiting the set. Also, since he is a Falcon clone, his playstyle naturally lends itself to looking flashy (especially in Melee, while in Brawl he's gained a majority of his own sluggish animations), much like he is disrespecting his foes. Similarly, please try to keep the memes actually related to Smash in some way and make sure they're relatively well known already in the community. His ability to Ganondunk and gain an easy KO on an opponent who lets him do this also contributes to the disrespect.

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