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Reverse Hearing Loss claims to be an “Amish miracle cure” that uses natural substances from your grocery store to provide crystal clear hearing in 3 weeks.
Because of this, Sam calls Reverse Hearing Loss the fastest, most affordable way to naturally restore your hearing in just 17 days, without drugs or doctors. In order to accomplish this, Reverse Hearing Loss is claimed to reveal a specific formula of substances that, when taken in a specific order at specific times, will strengthen even the weakest hair cells, improve your hearing, and keep them strong long after the program has ended. Sam claims that to date, Reverse Hearing Loss has been used successfully by more than 45,000 people. With this said, although the medical community understands the basic concepts behind it, the process of hearing is very complex, and much of it remains a mystery. However, we do know that hearing loss is caused when these hair cells become damaged or die. According to Sam, the nutrients in the foods revealed in the e-book will help improve the strength of you hair cells. In either instance though, while these vitamins may help improve hair cell health, there is only minimal evidence that supplementation can reliably improve your hearing, unless you’re already deficient in these vitamins. Before digging in, it’s important to note here that hearing loss is only a symptom of some underlying cause, not a separate condition.
Sensorineural – Involves the inner ear, usually relating to hair cells, which can become damaged by repeated exposure to loud sounds, or even just the aging process.
Mixed – As the name implies, this involves parts of the middle and inner ear that are contributing to hearing loss. As you might have already recognized, Reverse Hearing Loss only addresses sensorineural causes of hearing loss. Although there are new drugs being tested that might one day regenerate your hair cells, other than purchasing an over-the-counter earwax flushing kit from your local pharmacy, there aren’t a whole lot of treatment options without visiting your doctor.
During your visit with your physician, they may discuss a variety of treatments depending on the severity of your hearing loss, including hearing aids, cochlear implants, or different surgical procedures.
Reverse Hearing Loss is available for immediate download after your $39 has been processed.

Instead, we’d recommend making an appointment with your physician, who can recommend specific products or procedures to effectively address your hearing loss. As I was unable to follow all the directions at age of 83 years, I sent email as directed to get refund. I started to go to the website, but McAfee did give me a warning about the potential danger of the site.
Senior Research ScientistGitte Keidser is a Senior Research Scientist with the National Acoustic Laboratories where she manages projects involving hearing devices and rehabilitation.
Director of the National Acoustic LaboratoriesHarvey Dillon is the Director of the National Acoustic Laboratories. NAL-NL2 is based on the same principles as NAL-NL1 - maximizing intelligibility while keeping overall loudness to no greater than that perceived by a person with normal hearing.
This series of courses reviews current topics in hearing loss and amplification, including identification and remediation of Spatial Processing Disorder, managing patients with severe hearing loss, and tips and tools to help counsel patients regarding their individual needs.
The Heart of the Matter: What Does America Really Know about Coronary Artery Disease Treatments?
And perhaps best of all, Sam claims that all of these substances can be found in common foods and beverages available at your local grocery store. From there, these impulses are then sent to the cerebral cortex, where the brain interprets them as sounds. Unlike many other types of cells in the human body, hair cells do not regrow, so any hearing loss you experience is generally permanent without medical intervention (more about this in a moment).
If you take a vitamin supplement, you’re likely getting your recommended daily intake (RDI) in one or two doses.
For example, if you damaged your eardrum by sticking a Q-Tip too deeply into your ear, your injured eardrum is the cause and your reduced hearing loss is the symptom.
This could be the result of excessive wax buildup, ear infections, abnormal bone growth, and much more. And, as we outlined in the previous section, it probably doesn’t even do that very well (or at all).

As we discussed earlier, there are many causes of hearing loss, so this first step is important for finding a solution that addresses your specific diagnosis. I got absolutely nothing for my money and a run around on the computer and some 405 errors. Considerable data has become available about what hearing-impaired people prefer and function best with, and how much information they can extract from speech.
On the other hand, vitamins in foods will generally be present in much lower concentrations, so you’d have to eat a lot in order to get the same benefits as popping a pill or two. These empirical data were used to guide the theoretical derivation of the NAL-NL2 prescription. A key concept in the derivation is effective audibility, which takes into account the decreasing ability to extract information from speech as hearing thresholds increase, even when speech is completely audible. The course will take the participant though the principles and practical consequences of the NAL-NL2 prescription procedure. Preferred gain from subjects with congenital or acquired hearing loss for low and high frequencies. Comparison of NAL-NL2 to NAL-NL1 prescriptions for a steeply-sloping hearing loss.Figure 17. Speech recognition of hearing-impaired listeners: Predictions from audibility and the limited role of high-frequency amplification. A comparison of gain for adults from generic hearing aid prescriptive methods: Impacts on predicted loudness, frequency bandwidth, and speech intelligibility. Preferred low and high frequency compression ratios among hearing aid users with moderately severe to profound hearing loss. Preferred overall loudness II: Listening through hearing aids in field and laboratory tests.

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