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From the film event of the year, this authentic wearable prop replica jewelry looks just like Bella's Cullen crest ring! I don't even remember seeing her with this ring in the movie, wouldn't it make more sense for her to be given it in breaking dawn when she really is part o the family?
Japanese size 15s are sturdier beads, but they are also a lot smaller and hard for some people to work with, plus because the holes are so small, you might have some that just won't work with multiple thread passes and doubled thread. Because hands flex and move and bang into things, you need a strong thread, and doubled for extra strength is a good idea.
The Cullens probably give it to her in New Moon because after all that has happened they consider her to be family.

I wonder if they give her this ring at the end of the new movie after they all vote to make her a vampire. It tells them that she is part of the Cullen Family and they will seek retaliation if she is harmed. You want something strong, because hands take a lot of abuse, but you also want something that won't be too thick for your comfort. Since the beads alternate every 5 rows, you can just count number of color rows to figure out how long your strip needs to be to make a ring.
The back ends of the graph don't matter that much as long as you end it so you can join the ends, so the "up" bead from the left side is opposite a "down" bead on the right.

So the first step in designing a simple even count ring is figuring out what kinds of beads you'll use.
I used Delica beads in my example, but if it were a ring that was going to be worn a lot, I'd have used Japanese size 15 seed beads. In a pair of earrings, the thin walls are great because they make a very light bead that you can make big comfortable earrings with, for rings though, they can be a hazard.

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