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Perhaps we should care for the intrinsic value of this special place in the universe we know of.
Switzerland has always struck me at a country that tries to do things right and has its priorities structured and right.
In Late December,I was returning home from a girlfriend's house and as i approached within a mileof my home I noticed a huge dark plume of what appeared to be smoke. As I turned down my street, it dawned on me that they had been spraying furiously in my area.
I am convinced that it would have been even worse had i not immediately taken Baryta Mur and Carbonica, which are homeopathic Barium.
Swiss tap water is just as good and results in a much smaller CO2 footprint;  This one I was not the best at,  because I had no reusable water bottle I had to buy bottled water, but then with that I did try to refill it from the tap when I could. Written in German, it explains the biodiversity efforts in the area by a national agriculture campaign.

Be it the balance of the ecosystem, the lives of all organisms, or the resources we gain from it. If you prefer to travel by car, please compensate for the CO2 emission;  While staying in Zurich we walked from the apartment to the city and used the tram with our luggage the first and last night.
Because Switzerland has so little land, farmers have to also utilize the meadows of the Alpine regions for growing. They tested the stress levels and taste of the milk from cows with and without the constant ringing in their ears. There are four types of biodiversity; functional, ecological, genetic, and species that all play a crucial role in our “natural capital, that helps keep us alive, and supports our economies” (p.
Looking out over the mountain we had successfully climbed I was filled with a sense of pride not only that we did it but that I had spent an exhausting day learning, appreciating, and soaking up the energy of nature.
Apparently, the milk tastes betters from the cows that were freed from having to listen to the bell ring.

These grasslands are vital to providing local food to the people of Switzerland and it is the farmers best interest to maintain a healthy natural environment, not only because of pressure to do so from the general concerned public but also for the benefit of their business in the long-term.
I would have loved to make my way down the way this tandem duo did in a more extreme way of paragliding, imitating a soaring bird.
We live in a time of instant gratification, which has caused us to be in this global warming crisis in the first place.

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