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With this plaintive invitation still ringing in their ears, guests continue back to the relative safety of New Orleans Square.
The tiny ghost, standing atop the ledge of the crypt, holds a bouquet of flowers in her hand and stares wistfully into the distance. Unfortunately, she passed away in 1991.Eleanor Audley is the voice of Madam Leota (also Maleficent and Lady Tremain). Leota Thomas's daughter, Kim Irvine, is also an Imagineer and works in Show Quality at Disneyland. If you spill the salt at a table, you better get ready for bad luck or toss some over your shoulder to recover. The first recorded use of the phrase is in the 1860s, but people have been munching on these shiny orbs since Ancient Roman and Greek times. A ladder, either against a building or one that forms an A-frame, was believed to have symbolized the Holy Trinity of the Christian religion. In the Middle Ages, the poor, elderly women who would later be branded as witches were known to feed, play with, and even round up alley cats. The Gospels, written by more than a couple sailors, talks about red skies and what they prophecy the weather to be like.

It was a commonly held belief way back when that the soul was synonymous with the breath, and that when someone sneezed they were at high risk of losing their spirit. Just like you're not supposed to smoke in bed (for obvious reasons), you're not supposed to lay your hat down on the sheets either.
The Greek astronomer Ptolemy (around 127-151 AD ) believed that every now and then the gods poked their big heads into the earthly realm. Toombs supplied both the character's face and her eerie voice, which have become a guest favorite over the years. In Leonardo da Vinci's The Last Supper, Judas Iscariot is pictured knocking the salt over with his elbow. The original Welsch adage went, "Eat an apple on going to bed, and you’ll keep the doctor from earning his bread," which is a little long for the modern tongue.
The superstition actually dates back to Ancient Roman times, when making glass (and therefore breakable) mirrors became a thing. During the times of the Bubonic Plague, Pope Gregory the Great started "blessing" people who sneezed. That is, if you use one of the 18th century contraptions that started appearing in England.

At this time shooting stars were bits of heaven that pierced through these celestial holes, and it was the perfect time to ask the gods for that winning lotto ticket! Anyway, this superstition might not be wholly true, but apples are definitely healthy for you – look! As the legend goes, during World War I keeping a match lit for that long in a foxhole would attract the attention of snipers. So cover your mouth when you sneeze: if not to hold onto your soul, then for the sake of hygiene! Nordic lore also has it that the most hated god, Loki, showed up as the 13th guest to a Valhalla dinner party. How rude.In order to evade the bad luck effects of this number, many people will avoid using it at all costs.

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