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Tom Cross: i tried the pressure equalising thing but noticed no air release, no matter how much i tried.
Diseases caused by the vitiated doshas and dooshyas, treated with suitable samana treatments will bring backs the doshas to normal state. PANCHAKARMA TREATMENT belongs to the sodhana group of therapies comprising five types of treatments as explained in charaka samhita. In Sushruta samhita an ancient ayurvedic text acharya Sushrutha(ancient surgeon) clubbed both Asthapana vasthi and Anuvasanam vasthi as vasthi treatment and added RAKTAMOOKSHANA to it, so the number of treatments remains five types.
Benefits of panchakarma: panchakarma treatment used to remove the vitiated doshas from the body and cures the disease, it is considered as body detoxification programme. Massaging the body with suitable oils in down ward direction with normal pressure is called abhyangham.
Abhyangam is used in the Vata type of diseases, relieves pain, fatigue, induces sleep, improves eye sight, stimulate muscles, nerves, improves the blood circulation causing the body to flush out waste products most effectively, increases the smoothness of the skin, induces sleep, reduces aging , Ayurvedic tails (medicated oils) and medicines are used in therapeutic massage.
Persons suffering from profuse mucus discharge from mouth or anus and having low digestive power. Sneha therapy should be taken under medical supervision only otherwise it will produce complications. Softens masses, reduces local pain and burning sensation on the skin, cleanses the skin, it also relieves back pain etc. Massaging the body with foot is called padagatha here we should apply more pressure than Mardhana. In this procedure therapeutic substance poured on fore head for specific period and from specific height in a systematic manner.
Invigorates the body and mind, insomnia, head ache, smoothness of skin, burning sensation in head and body, improve vision, voice becomes melodious, improves sexual desire, body gets strengthened, it also relieves mental stress. Useful in all types of nervous disorders like paraplegia, promoting strength, gives lightness to the body, usefull to preventing certain diseases.
Medicated oils or kamakashayas in the mouth for a specific period is called gandusha, in kavaladharana the medicated oils or kamakashayas are allowed to move in the mouth cavity for a specific period . Strengthen the jaws, improvement of voice relieves dryness in the mouth, and beneficial in toothache, and gives strengthen to the mouth and gums. In this procedure keeping the medicated oil on the knee  joint for specific period by preparing a tank on it made with the paste of Bengal gram powder. In this procedure keeping the medicated oil on kati pradesa (lumbo sacral region) for specific period by preparing a tank on it made with the paste of Bengal gram powder. It is useful in back ache, disk prolapse, sciatica, lumbar spondilosys, strengthen muscles and nerves.
Iin this procedure keeping the medicated oils on greeva(cervical region or back of neck) for specific period  by preparing the tank on it (back of neck) made with the paste of Bengal gram. In this procedure keeping the medicated oil on urah’s(chest region) for specific period by preparing the tank on it made with the paste or Bengal gram. It is the process for keeping the medicated ghee on the eye balls for a specific period is called akshitarpana. Useful in all conditions of defective vision like loss of vision, blurred vision, blurred vision, pain in eyes, dark circles around eyes, eye infections. In this procedure patient sit in a tub filled with medicated oils or decoction up to neck level for a specific time.

It is an important pre panchakarma treatment designed to induce sweating which helps to relieves sthamba(stiffness) gowravam(heaviness), seta(coldness). Swedakarma induces sweat due to its action, the channels of the body are cleaned by eliminating the body wastes produced by the metabolism. In our classics many varieties of swedakarma procedures are explained , we are providing following swedakarma treatments in GOKULAYURVEDIC HOPITALS.
Prior to pinda sweda treatment, the patients head and body massaged with suitable oils, then herbal paste is applied on the head. Sandhivata, osteoarthritis, emaciation, restoration of muscular functions, facial, vata rogas, paralysis, stiffness of joints, hypertension etc. It is called Nadisweda in this procedure steam produced by steam generating a apparatus(like pressure cooker or electrical boiler) exposed to the patient with a flexible pipe. Asthma, bronchitis, anemia, anorexia, odema, thyroid enlargement, urinary disorders, skin diseases, cough, bleeding per rectum and kapha disorders etc. Skin diseases, fistula in ano, splenetic disorders, goiter, worm infestation, anemia, jaundice, gout, Gynaec disorders, elephantiasis etc.
Medicines administered through the rectum by means of vasthi yantra(an instrument used for vasthi karma) is called vasthi.
Diseases of urinary bladder, difficulty in maturation, uterus diseases, leucorrhoea, infertility.
Stiffness in the head, neck, jaw, tonsillitis, hemicrania, shoulder pain facial paralysis, hysteria. Kushta(skin diseases) Visarpa, Pidaka(boils and carbuncles), Gudapaka(anorectal inflammation), Pleehadorsha (spleenomegale), Vidharadhi(abscess), Charmadala( type of eczema) Switra(leucoderma), Pama(scabies), Arshas(piles), Arbuda(tumor), Indralupta(alopecia), kandu(itching), kotha(allergy).
Pages - 51 + Four Bonus Ebooks - 'Index and Calculators' ,'Tasty Fat Loss & Muscle Gaining Recipes','Training & Nutrition Insider Secrets for a Lean-Body' and Change Your Mind, Change Your Weight, Change Your Life! Panchakarma - Ayurveda emphasizes preventative and healing therapies along with various methods of purification and rejuvenation. Ayurveda is the science of truth as it is expressed in life."Dhanvantari" is a CD -Rom designed to get a good overview of Ayurveda and serves as a self-instructional tool. The following is a brief overview of the software : -- Serves as detailed introduction to Ayurveda, its history, concepts and healing methodologies for curing ailments according to the different human body types. Please note - You will not be taken to the download page automatically, after completing your payment. Snehana drugs are lipid soluble drugs which rapidly absorb and quickly reach the site of action which is mostly required in the neurological disorders. In this procedure medicated oils, kashayams (decoctions) etc.Poured on the body in a systematic way. PICHUDHARANA : Cotton or guage cloth soaked in medicated oil and put it in particular place is called pichudharana. For better results this procedure should be done after vomana (emesis), virechana, purgation, vasthi (enema), nasya etc.
Heat it by the oil in a pan and this is applied on effected area prior toa Patrapotali sweda( bandhana sweda) massage should be performed.
This steam box is filled with steam by connecting the box with steam generating apparatus. It is the best treatment for vata disorders and it is also used for the promotion of the health, strength, intelligence and for rejuvenation therapy.

In this procedure jaloukacacharana or sucking of blood by application of leech in a special technique explained in ayurvedic texts to treat certain diseases. It is simple, safe, useful devise among rakthamaokshana  methods to manage skin diseases like eczema,urticaria,chronic non healing ulcers, abcess,deep seated thrombosis etc.
PANCHAKARMA TREATMENT IS ALSO RECOMMENDED FOR MAINTAINING GOOD HEALTH THROUGH OUT THE YEAR. Ayurveda is more than a mere healing system, it is a science and art of appropriate living which helps to achieve longevity. More than 30 therapies are provided along with their uses, effects, ingredients, preparation method, dosage etc.
Apart from that snehana drugs crossess the blood brain barrier, so that the action of the drug will reach the cerebellum and spinal cord,and even they crosses the placenta and breast epithelium. It can also guide every individual in the prevention of disease and long term maintenance of health. More than 300 recipes are given in detail along with the preparation method, ingredients and quick tips. Relation of Yoga and Ayurveda along with their importance on constitution is also described with picture clips of Asanas. But if this was dangerous we would have a lot of public pool swimmers dying from inhaling much worse pool water.
Snehakarma(oleation therapy), Swedakarma(sudation therapy) should be performed before Panchakarma therapy, for bringing these doshas to the GIT. Animal fats like Ghrita(cow ghee), vasa(fat), majja(bone marrow) and vegetable oil fats like til oil(sesame oil) are used for snehanam therapy. To achieve this balanced state of body, mind and consciousness, Ayurveda prescribes Panchakarma Therapy for the cleansing of body toxins. Different types of techniques are used in doing the massage according to the season and disease. Additionally, it is exposed on a daily basis to harmful elements like dust, smoke, germs, bacteria, and other particulates that are harmful. You never put tap water up your nose that way without boiling it first and letting it cool of course..
The puss from your ear drum or drip from your sinuses can get trapped behind the eardrum because of the swollen tube creating pressure. You want to find an anti inflammatory so that the swelling can go down and the fluids can drain out of the ear and down the throat. Afterwards take baby oil, pour it in your ear let it sit for 60 seconds and let it drain back out of your ear. That will help to get the access mucus out of the outside of your eardrum so you can hear clearly again.i»?victorwasright: i did this, only without the medipot, and it worked!

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