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It was nice to have mum along for a time so she could see how everything was working out with the truck. We moved on the next day and stopped in at Guadeleste, a small town built into a rock outcrop. From the castle at Guadeleste I could see the mountain pass behind which we were going to take to Castelles. We spent 3 days with Anne, Flash (the dog) and mum walking and jibber jabbering in Castelle . Looking through my files of personal reports of unintentional discharges – that’s when someone shoots a gun unexpectedly, whatever the circumstances – it seems about half of those mistakes happen when someone presses the trigger on purpose.
She had just won the Bullet Surprise, finding a round (the hard way) inside a gun after she’d racked the slide.
In many similar incidents, the problem is shooters doing things out of sequence – racking the slide before removing the magazine, for example. Looking down through the ejection port on a disassembled Glock 26, you can see the extractor — a small bar or hook in front of the breech face near the firing pin. With a very dirty gun, the gunk and grime from previous rounds may leave a residue that narrows the chamber walls.
In order to understand how it’s possible to rack the slide but not get the round of the chamber, let’s take a look at how the gun works. If the chamber is very dirty, you may have trouble moving the slide when the extractor is hooked around a case rim. A worn-out extractor may have a weak spring, or its edges may erode and allow the hook shape to wear away or break off. Ejectors come in different shapes and sizes, but almost all work the same way: they bump the case out of the extractor so it can fly out the ejection port.
As the slide moves to the rear with the extractor holding onto the case, eventually it comes back far enough to approach the ejector. Now that we know some of the ways the gun can break (or just not work the way we expect it to), it’s a lot easier to understand why simply dropping the magazine and racking the slide should never cause you to trust that the gun is unloaded. When you unload the gun, it’s important to really look at both the chamber and the magazine well. Notes: Most walls of modern construction do not stop bullets, but brick and cement walls do – just be aware of ricochet potentials. Except where otherwise noted, all articles and images on this web site are ©2006-2015 by Kathy Jackson. Disclaimer: The author of this site assumes that you are an adult human being capable of making your own choices and taking responsibility for same.
New York NYC Crime Bronx Brooklyn Manhattan Queens Education Obituaries Sports Yankees Mets Giants Jets Knicks Nets Rangers Islanders Football Basketball Baseball Hockey Soccer College High School The Score News Crime U.S. In the aftermath of the East Village inferno, three desperate brothers spent Friday searching in vain for their missing sibling.
Moises Lucon vanished after a gas blast obliterated the building where he toiled as a busboy in a ground-floor sushi restaurant and officials believe he and another man may be in the rubble.
And as the brothers wandered the streets and showed Lucona€™s photograph to anybody who might recognize the hardworking Guatemalan immigrant, their desperation grew. Lucon, 26, immigrated to New York seven years ago and lived with his brothers in Corona, Queens. Zacarias Lucon said they didna€™t realize their brother was missing until his co-workers called him nearly six hours after the explosion Thursday. The NYPD is looking for Moises Lucon, who has been missing since Thursday's explosion at Sushi Park on Second Ave.
The other missing man is Nicholas Figueroa, 23, of the Upper East Side, who was on a lunch date at the sushi joint at the time of the explosion.

The missing mana€™s date, 22-year-old Teresa Galarce of Brooklyn, escaped with a broken nose, broken rib and punctured lung, her sister said. Cops started searching after firefighters doused the last of flames that continued to smolder a day after the blast a€” and after what remained of the faA§ade was torn down. Four of the 22 people who were hurt remained in critical condition with burns and other injuries, officials said. Dozens of people were left homeless, including a€?Sopranosa€? actress Drea de Matteo, who lost her apartment of 22 years. And 187 residences and 32 commercial customers were without gas after Con Edison cut off supplies as a precaution. The Red Cross was putting up 20 displaced families in hotels across the city Friday night, although at least 125 people had shown up for help earlier in the afternoon.
Preliminary evidence points to the cause as a gas explosion caused by plumbing and gas work that was being done in the basement at 121 Second Ave. Police are questioning the general contractor a€” but have not charged a€” Dilber Kukic of the Bronx-based Neighborhood Construction Corp., which was doing renovations on the building. Kukic was arrested in October and charged with trying to give a $600 cash bribe to an undercover city inspector to make two violations on properties he owned on W. Kukic was burned in the blast and helped pull the son of the building owner to safety, Boyce said. When Kukic and the building ownera€™s son went into the basement and opened the door a€?the explosion happened,a€? Boyce said.
We headed off from Hort de Gloria the next morning (see page 2) and drove up to Echo Valley. It was recommended to us by Jonathan, but we would need to go round the intervening village of Beniarda as it was too tight for our truck. Anne and Jeff have bought a wee place in the sun to renovate, thankfully miles from the coast but in good reach of excellent biking, walking and climbing. We sat quietly eating our tapas and drinking our beer soaking in the Spanish atmos whilst two amigos set about putting up the fireworks. But this shooter had done everything in the right order, and still the gun fired unexpectedly. The pictures come from a Glock 26, but nearly all semiautos remove chambered rounds using the same basic system that works in the same basic way.
In both situations, the extractor remains hooked around the case rim as the slide moves to the rear.
That’s because the junk in the chamber won’t let go of the case, and neither will your extractor.
Any misplaced debris in that area can jam the extractor open so it cannot grip the case rim when the gun is loaded. When any of these things happen, the case rim easily slips out of the extractor’s hold and – again – the case stays behind in the chamber as the slide moves. Stovepipes happen when the unwanted case does not leave the gun, even though the extractor has pulled the case out of the chamber. Try this: put a stack of books or other materials in front of the bare wall, something that can slow the round before it hits the wall and prevent bounceback. If you are not an adult, or are not capable of taking responsibility for your own choices, STOP. He was working at Sushi Park at the time of the explosion that destroyed three buildings in the East Village. Tom Walker handed out fliers of Sago, a missing 14-year-old Siamese cat whose owners lived above the sushi restaurant but were on vacation when the blast occurred. Jools had a cracking full body massage from Anne and mum stuck pins in anything that moved (except Flash).

It was quiet in the village as we arrived but some preparations were being made in the town plaza for a fiesta. Somehow quietly and dare I say a little underhandedly, the locals sitting around with us got up and moved way. We grabbed our beers (if I’m going to die I want a last drink) and ran for the safety of the bar.
The owner agreed, so the shooter picked up the gun knowing that it was loaded, and correctly dropped the magazine to begin unloading the gun.
Thank goodness she consciously followed the Other Three Rules, and didn’t just rely on “It’s unloaded…” to keep herself and her family safe.
Hidden rounds can also happen when the gun’s extractor becomes dirty, worn, or completely broken, or when the ejector fails to do its job for any of the same reasons. While they play tug of war with the case, you’re left struggling with a slide that just won’t move. Without a good hold on the case rim, the extractor cannot pull the case out of the chamber when you rack the slide. The old case gets moved aside and gently popped out of the extractor by the new round coming in. Do these simple things by habit every time you unload a gun, and you’ll never win the Bullet Surprise. She racked the slide, then pointed the gun at the cinderblock wall she had chosen as the safest direction in her immediate environment. When the gun fires, pressure from the expanding gases pushes both case and slide to the rear, and the extractor simply stays hooked around the empty case as everything moves back together. But sometimes – especially if the extractor has a worn-out spring – instead of stubbornly playing tug of war with the stuck case, the extractor will give up and let go, leaving the case behind in the chamber once you finally get the slide moving.
But even though the new round will move the old one out of its way, it often won’t have enough force to throw that old case completely out of the gun.
But if the gun has a broken ejector, removing the magazine also makes it possible for the extractor to hold onto the unwanted case during the entire motion of the slide – back and forward again. The author has made a reasonable, good-faith effort to assure that the articles herein are accurate and contain good advice, but hereby advises the reader that the author is a normal human being who makes the normal number of human mistakes. As the slide begins to move to the rear, the case will move with the slide because the extractor remains hooked around its rim. But when it’s time to remove a live round without firing, the shooter must move the slide herself, by hand. If your gun seems to be working okay, but doesn’t throw brass very far and sometimes leaves an empty case in the chamber on the very last round – which is when there’s no new round coming in to bump the old case out of the extractor’s hold – take a look at your ejector.
That also stops the slide from closing, which means you must tap, rack if you want to keep shooting. But without a working ejector and without a fresh round to feed, there’s nothing left to pop the round out of the extractor’s hold. The extractor remains hooked around the case rim and the round will go straight back into the chamber when the slide goes forward.
The author accepts absolutely no responsibility whatsoever for anything you might say or do as a result of reading any material on this site.

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