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Your ears are delicate, complex mechanisms, made of up multiple working parts and hundreds of sensitive nerve endings.
By the end of this page, you will know everything there is to know about ear wax build up and what you can do about it! When the glands produce too much ear wax (read the next section to find out what causes ear wax build up), the excess wax tends to dry out, harden, and block the ear canal. If there is a lot of dust, debris, pollen, and microorganisms in the air, these particles may get into your ear canal. If you listen to loud music or use headphones often, more ear wax will be produced in order to protect your ears. So, we’ve learned what ear wax build up is, what causes it, and what the symptoms are. Hydrogen peroxide is effective at softening your ear wax, making it easy for the wax to drain on its own.
As with any home remedies, it’s a good idea to check with your doctor before trying them. Every two weeks, flush your ears with hot water (in the shower), ear drops, hydrogen peroxide, or mineral oil.
Keep anything sharp and pointed (like car keys, bobby pins, your fingernails, cotton swabs) out of your ear. A few simple preventive measures can go a long way towards keeping your ears healthy and clean! How to Clean Headphones for Better Sound and Hygiene?Earbuds have changed the way we listen to music!

It should come as no surprise that your body has provided a way for your ears to protect themselves: ear wax.
It helps to trap dust, debris, microorganisms, and particles, preventing them from irritating or infecting the skin of your ear canal. Excessive ear wax production can lead to ear wax build up, which can lead to ear problems like infection, hearing loss, and more. The ceruminous glands of your outer ear canal secrete cerumen, which then mixes with dead skin cells and skin oil (sebum) to produce the waxy, oily stuff you call ear wax. If you develop earaches regularly or suddenly (with no exposure to pollution, debris, or water), it may be the result of an ear wax ball pressing on the auditory nerve.
If you notice any of them, it’s a good idea to get your ears checked by your ear doctor. If this happens, your ear produces more wax–often leading to excessive wax production. Your cleaning habits (the way you try to remove ear wax build up yourself) are most likely to cause the problems.
These over-the-counter drops are available at every pharmacy, and they will help to soften the ear wax, kill off bacteria, and protect your ears from infection. The oil will reduce inflammation or infection and soften your ear wax, allowing it to drain out of your ear on its own. Repeated use of the peroxide can irritate the skin of your ear canals, so use it sparingly. If not performed correctly, they can cause damage to your ear canal, increasing your risk of infection, irritation, and further wax build up.

It’s a safe, effective daily ear cleaning option, and you can get rid of ear wax without increasing your risk of irritation or infection.
They only push the wax deeper into your ear and increase your risk of injury, irritation, and inflammation.
It also helps to coat your ear canal with a waterproof lining that reduces the risk of water causing infections.
Ear wax build up is the most likely cause – though old age, loud noises, and stiffening of your ear bones can also contribute to the problem. When this happens, your body will often increase ear wax production, increasing your risk of ear wax build up. The doctor will tell you if you have an infection, blockage, or ear wax build-up, and you can treat the problem specifically. They’ll irrigate your ear canal using saline, warm water, or hydrogen peroxide, flushing the wax out of your ears effectively.
The sudden loss of hearing isn’t a permanent problem, but removing ear wax build up will solve the problem.

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