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One last thing about earplugs (and Q-Tips), is that overtime they can push earwax into your ear canal and eventually create a blockage. Too many concerts (or even one bad one) without ear plugs can get you (the ringing you hear after a show is not a good sign). During my eight-year tenure at Turbo Recordings, I would guess that I’ve received over 50,000 demos, and personally listened to a total of about 200,000 songs.
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There’s no coming back from serious hearing damage or Tinnitus (ringing in your ears).

My Engineering professor would also recommend complete silence for 15 mins if time was tight.
If you can’t get your hands on one the trick is that the mix level should be quiet enough that you can have a comfortable conversation with someone in your room.
Having said all that, it’s sometimes unavoidable to crank it every once in a while so you can really feel the track! So I’ve noticed that many session drummers and guitar players use such things to protect their ears.
Captain Kirk got Tinnitus from an explosion on the set of original Star Trek and he still suffers 45 yrs later).

After weeks of suffering and freaking out that my career was over, it felt like I was hearing for the first time!

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