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Get the Web's Most trusted & Informative Health, Wealth, Safety & More Newsletter -- FREE! Whatever variation of the phrase you've heard, this old wives' tale is one that holds no truth. If you are the topic of other people's conversations when you are not present, unfortunately your ears won't clue you in.
Pliny, Gains Plinius Secundus, was an ancient author and natural philosopher of Roman importance. Throughout the history of his writings, it is said that Pliny mentions several old wives' tales.
The ethnic group of the Kyrgyz, traditionally Nomads from Siberia that have since traveled to Central Asia's country of Krygzystan, still follow the belief that if someone's ears are burning, somebody IS talking about you. Unfortunately though, if you experience frequent or constant ringing in the ears, you could be experiencing something more than just the norm. Tinnitus, or ringing in the ears, is the sensation of hearing buzzing, whistling, ringing, or other sounds. When one suffers from Tinnitus the sounds they hear may be intermittent, continuous, or pulsating in time with the heart beat.

Many types of treatments such as alternative medicines, hearing aides, drug therapy and sound therapy have been suggested for the relief of tinnitus, but it is not always treatable.
Usually Tinnitus will decrease or go away with time and is known to only persist in 25% of the cases.
When two people say the same thing at the same time, the first one to call this out is not forced to take a vow of silence, or risk bad luck. Use a Facebook account to add a comment, subject to Facebook's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
Do you remember a recent time (within 2 years) when you felt your hearing was significantly better? Born in Como, Italy to a Roman eques (knight), Pliny was a tireless researcher, writer, and author of more than 75 books.
They may be of high or low pitch, vary in the type of sound produced, and one or both ears may be affected. Commonly found in adults between ages 20 to 40, only the person experiencing it can hear the noise.
There are some quirky beliefs that pop up only once in a while, while others occur on a daily basis.

I like to leave subtle hints around instead, like a catalog page with a big circle around an item and the words "I want this bag for my birthday" written in red lipstick. Because hearing loss in adults can develop gradually over several years, most people are not aware of the extent of their loss until family or friends bring it to their attention.
Think back to when you were at a concert, the music blaring, and the ringing sensation that continued for just a short time after. Even a brand new pair of Louboutins, still in the box, would make my mom shudder should they be placed on the table. Knowing the risk factors and recognizing the symptoms of hearing loss in yourself or someone you know is the first step to improving the situation.

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