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Vivah is an exclusive Gold jewellery collection for the modern women who want to sport a trendy look with light weight jewellery. The signature design of the VIVAH Collection can add a zing to the bride’s entrance at the venueThe Collection signifies the union between two people, celebrating a couplea€™s commitment to one another. For anniversaries and special occasions, stackable LIGHT WEIGHTED JEWLRY options can easily be exhibit.

The choice of bridal jewelry suits to the bridea€™s personality and should be well-coordinated so that it makes a mark in the minds of all the on-lookers.
A After booming business in Eastern India for more than 75 years, Senco Gold, the Kolkata-based jewellery retailer which has a total of 27 franchisees in West Bengal and 19 own stores across India. With 47 stores in West Bengal, Orissa, Assam, Jharkhand and Delhi, Senco Gold is the largest jewellery retail chain of Eastern India.It has customer database of 2 lac or more.

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