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Hayley got her septum piercing done at the Milwaukee, WI date of the 2008 Warped Tour (June 30, 2008). I had a septum piercing twice, tbh it all kinda depends on the guage and how sensitive your sinuses are.
I got my septum done cause of her, I got told I looked like her so I did a bit of messing about with my hair and though ach why not go for the piercing too :) I lavvzz it.
I was feeling quite down that all my friends had their ears pierced and i didn’t but since Hayley got hers done when she was 20! I had to read this like 5 times before it made any sense, I thought she meant too thin and I couldn’t figure out why that would hurt. Septum piercing hurt ridiculously for a about three seconds when you get them pierced, and then your nose is sore for a week to three after. I would be so lucky to have a friend who could love paramore + hayley as much as I do, because none of my friends like that band.

3 of my friends LOVE paramore like me, 3 of us (2 of them and me) went to the honda civic tour in 2010 and it was amazing! Piercing septum retainer acrylique Contactez-nous Connexion Rechercher 0 Aucun produit Livraison gratuite ! The initial piercing does not hurt, but the first week of healing was painful for me because of the swelling.
If u get it pro done (WHICH IS HIGHLY RECCOMENDED) People and myself usually say the pinch of the clamp hurts worse than the actuall needle of the piercing.
I took mine out cuz my skool made me but i go to a diffrent skool and they don’t care that i have two lip rings like shaun morgan. PEOPLE TRY TO FORCE ME TO STOP PAINTING MY NAILS BLACK,AND STOP DYING MY HAIR BLACK,AND I KINDA STOPPES FOR A WHILE CAUSE ITS KINDA HOT HERE IN YUMA BUT PRESSURE CAN LEAD TO ACNE! I got mine pierced last year (i was 13) and my friends sort of made fun of me for not having done it yet so its cool how hayley waited till like 19.

After try to avoid touching anything in that area the first six weeks (like getting bopped in the nose cuz ull be in a lot of pain) unless your cleaning it with clean hands.
Cuz i need it re- pierced cuz it hurts like hell now and i think it will help by having something there. Votre panier totalisera 39 points pouvant etre transforme(s) en un bon de reduction de 0,27 €.

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