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One main concern is that people often stand by when they see family members or close friends suffering with anxiety.
Zoloft is a brand name (Generic Name is Sertraline) drug which is commonly used for treating depression, OCD, panic disorders and post-traumatic stress disorder, along with the social anxiety disorder and some other problems related to the anxious mood.
While it is not thought of as a pressing condition, anxiety can be extremely serious if not diagnosed and treated.
While the two are used to mean the same thing, anxiety attack and panic attack are loose definitions to describe an attack that has characteristics of both anxiety and panic. With the pressure of todays fast paced world it is easy to being to get stressed and begin to experience anxiety.
Zoloft is used extensively around the USA and has been successful in treating many people suffering from anxiety.
Usually, people who are treated with sertraline get exposed to low doses of this medication initially. Regardless of the cause, there are notable anxiety symptoms that can show mentally, physically, and emotionally.
There may also be cognitive anxiety symptoms that are experienced including a fear that you may die soon. Behaviorally, anxiety symptoms may manifest in ways that can change a persons sleeping patterns, an increase in nervous habits such as chewing on finger nails or changes in motor tension may be present; this is why those who are anxious find themselves constantly tapping their feet. It should be noted that anxiety symptoms present themselves in different ways to every individual so not all symptoms will be experienced the same way as others.
Panic is generally determined by mental health professionals to be a chronic disorder that is characterized by a spontaneous, short-lived bout of intense fear along with physical symptoms which may include heart palpitations. It should be noted that there is a diagnosis of panic disorder, which is characterized by unexpected panic attacks. Anxiety, unlike panic, is determined by two components: physiological sensations (these include sweating, heart palpitations, and shortness of breath) and having a sense of nervous awareness or fright. Causes of anxiety may be due to general medical conditions or substance induced anxiety disorder. Now that we have established what anxiety and panic can lead to, it is easy to surmise that an anxiety attack will have similar symptoms.
While an anxiety attack may not cause permanent damage, it could be a symptom of a longer-lasting issue that needs to be diagnosed. While the term panic attack and anxiety attack can be used interchangeably, it should be noted that these symptoms can be experienced differently by each individual and may be caused by underlying issues that should be addressed by a mental or medical professional. About a week ago, I wrote a post titled Severe Anxiety Symptoms – Words From My Journal. Thank you for sharing with me and letting me know that the post mattered, that telling my story allows you to feel less alone in yours. There are so many who can relate to the pain that anxiety can bring, and often anxiety can lead to depression or visa versa, for these two often go hand in hand. When you want to just curl up in a ball and stay in bed all day please know that there is hope. I remember just getting up and standing by my bed, and then thinking and talking myself through what came next.
By just doing the next thing, I got through my days and eventually got through the summer and eventually got the answers I needed. I was very thankful to be able to see a therapist and talk through what I was experiencing that the time.
Switch On Your Brain-a book (affiliate link) that I read that was so good that it is on my list to read again. Journaling the Psalms– I wrote a post about this when I was at the tail-end of my severe anxiety. Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God. NEVER DISREGARD MEDICAL ADVICE OR DELAY SEEKING MEDICAL CARE BECAUSE OF SOMETHING YOU HAVE READ ON OR ACCESSED THROUGH THIS WEB SITE. Yesterday I took a walk to see some beautiful places with a lot of life blooming – remember it is that time of the year when the grass is greener then ever (at least where I stay). You are not alone, Lisa, and I’m so glad you have kids and a husband to help you keep your head above water.
Anxiety is a feeling of apprehension or fear and is almost always accompanied by feelings of impending doom.
If you feel ashamed or embarrassed about having Anxiety you might feel quite unable to talk to anyone about it. They may also come up with explanations that are way off beam such as thinking you're unfriendly, or consider yourself too good to mix with them. Whatever kind of help you have, you will at some point need to let go of it and take responsibility for yourself. Even someone whose Anxiety has become this bad can start a recovery programme there is no situation so bad that it can't be turned round by slow steady repeated steps towards carefully chosen goals.
This may be because you think you no longer need them, or you are experiencing unpleasant side-effects, or you are worried about becoming dependent on them.
Current advice to doctors is to only prescribe these drugs for short periods (two to four weeks) and only for severe Anxiety.
Many of the symptoms of withdrawal are similar to those of Anxiety and it may be difficult to tell whether what you are experiencing is temporary or whether the underlying Anxiety is resurfacing. We Provide Helpful Information and Tips Regarding Depression, Panic Attacks, Anxiety Disorders and Many Other Mental Health Issues..
You might be surprised to know that those who have severe anxiety disorder frequently also suffer from anxiety depression. Really, what they need is assistance to help them get anxiety treatment, even if they are afraid.
This is not something that they can just pick up and quit one day like a bad habit of some kind.
Those who suffer from extreme anxiety may find themselves unable to function in a normal setting because of frequent panic attacks, and even the inability to leave their home. While there is no psychiatric diagnosis for an anxiety attack or panic attack, both anxiety and panic can manifest in a variety of diagnoses.

There are many people around the world that suffer from anxiety problems, you certainly are not the only one.
I won’t tell you that there is an easy solution for panic attack cures in general because its not that simple.
The use of prescribed drugs to treat mental disorders is a relatively new development in the field of medicine. Before taking Zoloft, ensure that your doctor is fully aware of all other drugs that you are taking, and even other medication that you have taken in the past. Later, once the organism of the patient gets used to the drug, the dose gets increased gradually, in order to prevent the appearance of side-effects. This medication, as well as any other of this type is not supposed to be shared with anyone else but the person who has obtained the prescription for it. Thus, if you have any doubts or problems related to the effects of sertraline, contact the health practitioner who gave you the description for it in the first place. Commonly, Zoloft will have to be taken at a specific point of the day or night. There is no exact pinpoint of when anxiety symptoms may occur but it is key to determine if you are experiencing anxiety symptoms; if these begin to manifest too much a person may have an anxiety attack which can be quite frightening and dangerous. These attacks are marked by heart palpitations, trouble breathing, fatigue, and body pains. However, with an anxiety attack, the sufferer will experience these symptoms at an overwhelming degree.
Its possible that someone experiencing an anxiety attack or panic attack may require anxiety treatment from a psychotherapist.
The response I received from this post has been big and I’ve spent the week reading so many of your precious, personal stories.
When your hearts feels like it is pounding out of your chest and you really don’t know why, know that there is hope. I was desperate for help and answers, and the more support in finding those answers, the better. I am not a professional, obviously, but please see a professional if you cannot seem to get to a healthy place on your own.
I am a survivor & fighter, and this was by far the hardest season for me, even including fighting cancer. This was super helpful, even when at the beginning I could barely articulate what I was feeling and just ended up with tears streaming. Again, it took medication for me to become stable, regain my appetite, lose the nausea and be able to tolerate supplements. These things seem small, but even the smallest bit of comfort helps when anxiety is taking over. I use the YouVersion Bible app on my phone and followed plans specifically for anxiety and hope. I highly recommend Daily Hope With Rick Warren & listen to it often while on a walk or doing housework. I will continue to share bits of my journal here at New Nostalgia & continue talking about anxiety. Join me as I learn from yesterday & strive to live an intentional life that is slow, simple, healthful, meaningful, real and full.
It can be a very broad feeling, like a cloud hanging over our head: we are not necessarily afraid of anything in particular. If you think that your panic attack is actually a heart attack, or that panic will damage your heart, you will retreat to the armchair and behave like an invalid. You may also feel that you'll be labelled forever as someone who was mentally ill, that you won't receive any sympathy, or that you'll be forced to try treatments that you don't really want.
If they need a lot of support from that person they may then start to feel guilty about it, or perhaps resentful that the person isn't doing enough to help. Like every aspect of recovery, it can be planned as a series of goals aimed at gradually reducing your need for other people to support your Anxiety behavior Carers For a few people their Anxiety becomes so extreme that they need to be cared for by another person. However, people who were prescribed these drugs before the dangers were fully recognised are still taking them because they are afraid to stop.
If on balance you feel you would be better off without the drugs, then ask him or her about helping you to withdraw from them.
Psychological support, either through self-help groups or from a professional therapist, can be helpful at this time to help you understand what is going on and also to learn new ways of coping without going back to the drugs. If you look at the typical case of severe anxiety disorder, you will almost always find the person is depressed as well.
Generally, most of the time being on pills for anxiety or depression is never a popular thing.
For example, often people with a severe anxiety disorder will have something that they are really scared of facing.
Zoloft has proven to be a dramatic advance with regard to the treatment of anxiety and is currently a household name. Doctors are, however, concerned that people who are not experiencing true anxiety might be very quick to the take the drug in order to relieve the slightest of troubles or anxious feelings. Your doctor should be aware of your complete medical history before prescribing Zoloft to you in order to prevent any negative side effects.
Yet, this drug is claimed to stimulate suicidal tendencies in people who suffer from depression and is, therefore, rarely used for these purposes.
Also, this individual should only take the prescribed dosage in order to truly benefit from the effects of sertraline.
Bear in mind that the food you eat and the time of the consumption can affect the effects of the medication too. Unlike fear, which is a response to a perceived threat, anxiety can manifest without any discernable cause but some believe that anxiety is caused by your body to prepare for a negative situation. You may begin to feel jumpy or have a sense of tension or apprehension as well as strong sense of deja vu. It is also common for those with anxiety to feel that any physical symptom you may have is the result of a much larger problem such as headaches being caused by brain tumors. I went to many, many appointments, as I knew that there was an answer but it was not just going to come to me. I was too miserable to lay in bed but too miserable to do anything either, at least that is how it seemed.
Anxiety kicked me hard, but I still had to be a Mom & Wife, even when I was sick everyday.
I had to go off all of my cancer meds to see if that was what was causing my physical symptoms and weight loss.

Not knowing what is it is at first is a very scarey feeling Anxiety is experienced by virtually everyone at times. This is a vicious circle, because the less you do the worse you'll feel, physically, and the less you'll feel able to trust that your body will see you through the panic. It can make more sense to tell a few trusted people so that they can share the helping tasks. This is a tough role and carers often become exhausted, while the person they are caring for has yet another worry what happens if my carer can't carry on? If your doctor is not experienced in tranquilliser withdrawal, then ask for a referral to someone who is. The thought of suicide or hurting themselves is not such an uncommon thing, which is very sad.
Therefore, instead of increasing their stress by telling them to stop doing what they are doing, you should minimize the stress within their life as much as possible. However, bearing in mind that this medication has a different effect on each an every individual, it may not be related with this side-effect exclusively. Therefore, read the information sheet that comes with sertraline before taking the initial dosage. It is important to note that if you are experiencing a panic attack that you sit down and try to remain calm as heart attacks and other dangerous results are possible. Other emotional anxiety symptoms may be the sense that everything seems frightening or scary. The average length of time for an anxiety attack lasts from 20-30 minutes, and rarely last an hour. It was so healthy to talk to someone who would love and accept me no matter what, someone who could handle my tears as they flowed freely while I talked.
Because of my cancer history, we had to rule out recurrence, so the number of my appointments and tests were overwhelming, but I continued on. I can’t speak too much on this subject as I still continue to struggle with it, but I KNOW walking makes a huge difference in my day. It is a normal and natural feeling when facing situations which are unusual, challenging or risky. You may find that one person has a soothing presence and you enjoy their company, while another is helpful in a practical way. While some doctors may recommend their patient to go swimming in the local lake to overcome the fear, this is not something who was evaluated by a professional should do. Often, the anxiety attack will be characterized by ten minute window of rapidly increasing symptoms which may leave the patient confused.
I pressed on and pursued help for the sake of my family & because I had faith that God would lead me to what I needed.
Getting dressed, dishes, laundry, meals for my family (super simple meals), blog when I could, & then rest. My therapist watched me become a different person as I found the right medication, and then she walked me through the healing process, as she knew that now I was stable and could hear what she was saying and talk through the trauma of it all.
Simple, even slow walking gets you out and moving, and is beneficial, especially in the sunshine. They may not know why you keep turning down invitations, or refuse to go on holiday with them, but they do know that something is preventing you. Sometimes they need help to complete their rituals, and sometimes they have a compulsive need to ask for reassurance.
This can cause unpleasant, and possibly dangerous, physical symptoms including convulsions.
It can sometimes leave deep psychological scars that leave them worse off than they would be had they never done it. They need to continuously see psychiatric help until they are able to handle their problems without medication. It was miserable to go when I was feeling so unwell,and I hated spending my summer in doctors offices, but it paid off in the end. I was not able to take supplements, and I believe this was a huge part of my downward spiral. These may be major such as the death of a close family member or severe financial problems. If you have OCD, you may have already involved your friends and family, even if it's just that they have to tolerate the extra time you need to do everyday tasks. If your friend or family member who suffers from severe anxiety disorder has a drug addiction problem, the last thing you want to do is add more stress in their life which causes them to just find comfort in their drug of choice.
In the past, I took an anti-depressant, and for some reason that did not work and what my body needed was purely an anti-anxiety medication.
I was not nourished and there are so many vitamins and minerals that are vital for brain health. They can also be the more normal changes which are part of life: changes at work, home or in one's social network.
If they always do your shopping for you, or check the house for spiders, or let you travel in the front seat of the car, then they are helping to maintain your Anxiety. Granted, you should not encourage that type of behavior, but seek counseling and help for them above all else.
This is especially the case if they know they have good support from friends and family to overcome it.
There is an option to hire him, but he also gives great free advice on his YouTube & Periscope channel. No doubt they are busy people, and find it easier to go along with your immediate needs rather than take the time to help with recovery.

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