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Reproducing content presented on this site in any form is prohibited without written permission. Many people as they age find themselves having difficulty with hearing and can often feel frustrated. When analyzing whether or not hearing loss has occurred, and if a hearing aid should be acquired, there are tell tale signs that can appear and make the decision easier.
If you have a friend or family member has begun speaking loudly and is never aware of how inappropriate the volume of their voice is, they may be in need of a hearing test. Another classic symptom that hearing devices may be needed is when people have a difficult time hearing when there are a multitude of sounds. Hearing devices shouldn’t be seen as something to be avoided but something to be embraced. I just wanted to thank you for all your care and advice in helping me choose and adjust to my hearing aides. If you notice any of the following symptoms you may have a hearing loss and should see a hearing professional. People who have hearing loss are often not aware that their hearing has declined because hearing loss often occurs very gradually.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms frequently you should call our clinic today 739-0999. How hearing loss may affect your lifeLearn more about the risks of hearing loss and the risks of leaving long term hearing loss untreated. See some hearing milestones your child should reach in the first year of life, and learn about the signs of hearing loss as your baby grows into a toddler.
People often feel that losing their hearing is a part of aging and something to simply learn to deal with while others fully deny that they have a problem and continue to struggle.
As people age, they can lose their ability to hear high frequency noises and one way this is seen is in someone who is having a difficult time understanding women and children. If you are the one being told to tone it down, know that this isn’t your fault and you may actually simply need the assistance of a digital hearing aid to keep the nagging at bay. If someone is having difficulty understanding what one person is saying while others are talking or there is background noise, chances are they need a hearing test and would benefit from digital hearing aids. Don’t let you or someone else’s resentment for getting older hold you back from getting a hearing aid that will let you hear every word and have fun at every party.
If you or someone you know is possibly experiencing hearing loss and you are trying to determine if getting a hearing test and hearing aid are necessary, there are certain signs that can help you in assessing the situation.

Chances are that all a person needs to be able to hear these high pitched noises is a hearing aid. When people age and their hearing ability diminished, they aren’t aware they are shouting because from their hearing perspective, they are speaking at a normal level. This sign can lead to more serious symptoms of depression and withdrawal when the person suffering from hearing loss has such a difficult time interacting socially. If any of the signs above seem familiar, schedule a hearing test to make sure that the inconveniences of hearing can disappear. Men ignoring their wives and grandchildren may actually not be rude but simply in need of a hearing instrument. When someone can’t understand what their friends and family members are saying, they can remove themselves from the conversation and avoid social events. The same volume symptom can also be seen when people listen to their televisions much louder than seems necessary.

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