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The Spalding NBA Silver outdoor basketball is made from ultra-tough materials which have been designed to withstand gritty outdoor surfaces like tarmac, cement or grass. Nintendo president Satoru Iwata announced Pokemon X and Pokemon Y during a Nintendo Direct live stream today, with a worldwide release date set for October 2013 for the Nintendo 3DS.
In his Nintendo Direct stream, Iwata looked back at the history of the Pokemon game franchise. Now 151 unique Pokemon seems like a hell of a lot, but Nintendo weren’t quite finished yet. Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire were released for the Game Boy Advance in 2002 and once again, introduced 135 new species of Pokemon – bringing the total to 386. Looking to the Nintendo DS era, Pokemon games released on the handheld include (with the exception of enhanced re-releases) Diamond, Pearl, Black and White. With a new generation of handheld comes a new Pokemon game, and Pokemon X and Pokemon Y are scheduled for a worldwide release date of October 2013 for the Nintendo 3DS. With the recent release of the Wii U, many are hoping that Nintendo will hit the red button and release the long-awaited Pokemon MMO.
Mew was under the Truck in the first one, maybe all the other pokemon were there too, in Fallout style Vaults? We don't need any more damn pokemon, despite the ridiculous amount of boats my characters step on. The real reason they need NO more pokemon, is that the design has really faltered since generation 2-3. Beedrill, Arbok, Persian, Weezing, Jynx, Electabuzz, and Magmar were all missing from the game.
Quite a few gamers would like to see a proper Pokemon MMO - so much so that there have been plenty of mods and fan-created projects to emulate a version of what it could be like.
I definitely agree with your point that there's no real desire to own any of the new Pokemon.
Does anyone actually have a Pokemon or two that they really, really like, post original roster?

Jolteon, Flareon, Espeon, Umbreon, Vaporeon and the Shiny Ninetails that I captured myself! I have to agree that most of my favourites have come from Gen 1 and 2, but there are some pretty good ones in each version.
We're only just over a week into 2013 and already Gumtree has appointed a new lead creative agency in Fold7 this year. The site now has a presence across 48 UK cities, connecting with 13.7 million people who come to the site in order to buy, sell or swap items such as goods and services, property, cars, and even jobs in their area. Speaking to Hamish Stone, head of marketing for Gumtree, who has joined the judging panel of The Drum Marketing Awards, it’s clear that last year was an important one for the business model, which looked to take advantage of mobile and tablet growth as it aimed to reach users across as many online enabled platforms as possible. As to changes that have been made, Stone explains that back-end platforms have seen alterations made in order to improve the site’s user experience, which will allow the company to add more updates in the future. The end of last year also saw Gumtree release its first Android app, which would work across smartphones and tablets, joining the iOS app that was released in the early months of 2012. One of the key commercial routes for the brand is to run advertising through its site, something that Stone admits is still at an experimental stage when it comes to the recent addition of the apps. Discussing the strategy to grow users outside of mainly the largest populated areas of the UK, Stone explains how marketing changes in order to do this, with digital and email marketing featuring ‘a CRM-led focus’ being used in high adoption areas such as London, Northern Ireland and Scotland. Asked his thoughts on whether the hard hit newspaper publishing sector has taken any strides forward in reclaiming the classified advertising sector, Stone is not convinced, saying that he has seen no developments to indicate that they are. Discussing his role as a judge at this year’s The Drum Marketing Awards, Stone says that he is looking for campaigns that made a difference to the company that they were promoting, be it altering the customer’s perception of the business or an impact of the bottom line figures. The Drum Marketing Awards reward and celebrate the UK’s most effective marketing strategies.
The awards are open to advertising agencies, in-house marketing teams, design consultancies, digital agencies, PR companies, integrated agencies and any company that has carried out marketing over the eligibility period.
The basketball’s improved grip and handling make it suitable for competitive on-court shooting.
Pokemon Red and Green were released in 1996 in Japan before a worldwide release in 1998 with the addition of Pokemon Blue.

In that respect, Pokemon Yellow could be seen as the Game of the Year Edition, featuring the majority of the content with some special bonuses (you started with Pikachu in Yellow as opposed to the traditional Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle). Pokemon Gold and Silver were released in 1999 in Japan, bringing colour to the series as well as 100 new species of Pokemon – including Legendary Pokemon Ho-Oh, Lugia, Raikou, Entei and Suicune. These four games introduced a further 263 Pokemon to the universe, bringing the total amount of Pokemon to 649. You never know, maybe we’ll see a Pokemon Stadium style game arrive on the console with Skylanders style gameplay.
There are always undiscovered regions popping up, I hate to image the people drawing up the world map. 2012 was a watershed year for listings website Gumtree in the UK, as it aimed to grow its active users within the English regions, with high engagement already recorded in London and Scotland. That iOS app has also just been updated, allowing users to post adverts to the site for the first time through their smartphones, a feature that will be added to a forthcoming upgrade of the Android app to bring that parity with its Apple counterpart. We used TV last year to help drive penetration within those markets and we’ve been testing radio in some markets as well and backing that all up with digital presence through paid search and advertising. Each year the event pulls together a panel of senior marketers from some of Britain's best known companies. Apparently all these Pokemon were hiding in the new Johto region or were new stages of evolution, which already had me completely baffled. The new gameplay features such as Double Battles and Tag Battles using GBA link cable were certainly an interesting and welcome new addition to the series. In less than a decade, there have been an additional 498 Pokemon added to the world of capturing small animals to make them fight each other. With a current total of 1.57 million adverts being hosted on the UK version of the website, Gumtree is bringing online classified advertising into the mainstream.

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