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No, not the city which I really like because of the great weather, cleanliness, wide streets, easy to find your way around and it’s very RV friendly.
I went to the VA Hospital and they gave me some tablets and nasal spray that kinda-sorta arrested it.
Since this is the only location where this event happens, I’ve since come to a conclusion as to the cause.
So, the night before last, my upper left teeth started to ache and I knew what was about to happen. As I write this Blog entry the following morning (today) about 18 hours after taking the first pills, I’m noticing the difference and feeling much better.
Now that I've been tapering down two of my medications down for a week, I've realized that I've been having side effects.
I'm getting plenty of sleep each night, and not over-doing it each day, however, by the middle of the day, I'm wanting a nap.
While most want to loose weight, I've been desperately attempting to gain weight, and I've actually been able to gain a little bit of weight since I began blogging. Also, in the past I'd never been that girly, with the exception of my love for bags, Hello, Vera Bradley!!! Now though, with the changes I've made in my life, I've actually went out and purchased dresses. As I am quite enjoying being girly, I do understand that changing yourself can't be done only on the outside, but on the inside as well.
Today, after weeks of deliberation, I finally took the leap and went to the Pandora store, and purchased my Pandora bracelet. When deciding on which charms I wanted on my bracelet, I wanted my bracelet to tell a story and have meaning. My second charm is the August Birthday Blooms Charm for my beautiful niece, Danica! Lastly, I purchased the April Birthday Blooms Charm for my awesome nephew, Adrian! He hasn't even been gone two weeks yet, but, on Tuesday, the 8th day he was gone, I came to a realization.
The day after he left, I got my Sinus Infection from Hell! and e-mailed him pictures and information RIGHT away! Time is passing so slowly because I've been sick, PK has been concerned, and if I'm being honest here, I just wish he was here with me. Sure, you wake up, slowly crawl out of bed, and proceed to accomplish the tasks that MUST BE accomplished, but beyond that, you feel like doing nothing else!

I've had a cold for about a week and a half now, with my medical history, come last Saturday, I came to the realization that it was bronchitis.
I brought my blow dryer into the kitchen yesterday, because thats where I had the rocking music jamming from. New Years Day, 2001, I woke up and the left side of my face was so swollen, I couldn't even open my left eye.
My rings still fit, but I'm not going to take them off tonight, because come tomorrow, they probably won't fit until the steroids are out of my system. As for the next few days,  I'm supposed to be watching the swelling closely, so I've been taking a LOT of selfies and comparing them. I got up and proceeded with my normal routine, and before I knew it, it was time to take PK to the airport. Before I knew it, we arrived at Terminal E, the car was parked and his luggage was being unloaded. I'm approximately 36 hours away from dropping my brother off at the airport before he leaves for 31 days for work. Right after I drop of PK, I'm meeting up with, Jeff, the guy I'm dating for a lunch date, which will be date number 3. Come Wednesday, besides being the day where we get Danica for the week, (Yay!!)  I have a debriefing meeting in the evening for a volunteer event that was a couple of weeks ago. On July 11, 2012,  was the last time I saw a close family friend alive, and I got to say goodbye to her.
The last couple of days, all of my thoughts about her have been weighing heavily on my mind, and my heart.
I decided over the weekend that since my nephew DID have school (daycare, Montessori, WHATEVER!) that I would make the best of the beautiful weather and not keep her trapped inside all day! The original plan was to take her to play at a local park that I helped build over the course of 9 days. We approached Central and I saw 2 Fireman just hanging out in the front of the station, so pulling in is what we did! After an elaborate tour, (in which I stupidly left my phone in the car, meaning, ZERO pictures!) that lasted a good half an hour, Danica got to sit in 3 different fire trucks, and even see the first fire truck our city ever had! Following the fire station, we drove on over to Hope Park, the park I helped build in April.
We both built up quite the appetite after being outside in the warm weather, and needed something to eat! I hope when Adrian is just a tad bit older him and I will get to spend special days together just like this!

After the wedding, the majority of the bridal party and some of the guests decided to cut loose and meet up in the bar of the hotel we were all staying at.
When I arrived in Dallas after a series of delays, I was standing at the luggage carousel with JM waiting  for my bag, and who was standing next to JM???
You and I have spent endless hours laying on the couch watching the Discovery Health channel, all thanks to Whitney getting me hooked! Come Monday, I'll drive you to the airport, acting tough, but secretly be dying inside, just as I do every time I take you. Please note that we are unable to respond back directly to your questions or provide medical advice. If you manage this site and have a question about why the site is not available, please contact us directly. When I returned from my 343 day, 16,000+ mile RV trip through Mexico and Central America on December 9th, 2004, I spent the next three months in Yuma. When I returned to Yuma the following winter, I went for my annual dentist visit in San Luis Rio Colorado, Mexico.
Before I showered, my face looked a little bit red, but I just figured it was from having just woken up and didn't think anything of it. Even though I had been here in the past, this was the first year that I came down with a real nasty sinus infection. The sinus infection was just coming alive again, so he walked with me down to the corner pharmacy and discussed my problem with pharmacist. By 11:00 AM, I had driven the 37 miles to San Luis Rio Colorado, Mexico and back to the pharmacy. Hopefully, by jumping on it asap, I’m done messing with the sinus infection for this visit. However, a swollen, puffy face can also arise from a facial injury or indicate an underlying medical condition. My face got swollen and there was substantial pain below my left eye and my upper left teeth. By 11:45 AM I was back in the United States where I popped the first of the two pills with water in my Bronco II. I was given two boxes of pills and told this medicine is not available in the United States.

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