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When I was an ENT trainee, the Antral lavage followed by systemic antibiotic was very common form of treatment in acute sinusitis. Irrigation of the maxillary sinus through its natural ostium or through a puncture of the inferior meatus under local infiltration and surface anesthesia-Lidocaine. Maxillary Antral lavage involves piercing the wall between the nose and maxillary sinus with an Antral lavage needle and rinsing out the pus in the sinus cavity with fluid; the tiny hole heals quickly. I use local anesthetic lidocaine spray and infiltrate the inferior meatus with a drop of lidocaine 4% using a fine needle. A fine metal tube-Trocar and Canula- will be pushed into the nose and through the thin bone of the maxilla into the sinus.
Possible surgical complications of Maxillary antral lavage is rare, may include: pain, and numbness of upper teeth for few minutes. A course of broad spectrum antibiotic, Nasal decongestant drops, Antihistamines and Pain killers(if needed) should be given for a week.
Dr Paulose FRCS, DLO is a Consultant ENT Plastic & Laser Surgeon with over 38 years of world class experience in Ear, Nose, Throat and Laser Surgery treating patients across the world from UK, US, Middle East to Asia. Although Chronic Rhino-Sinusitis is the commonest cause of sinus problems, there are many other less-common causes of sinus problems. Other tablets - Other strong medications are available that can help relieve sinus problems. Dr Singh will also pass a special super-fine camera into your nose to look at the septum, turbinates and sinus openings (the nose is made numb first using a special numbing spray).
Despite all the tests and high-technology available, the most accurate tool is your doctor's knowledge, training and experience! Some patients prefer to go straight to surgery as they have tried many medications already. The treatment you have will depend on your individual circumstances, Dr Singh's recommendation and your personal choice. Dr Singh is a nose and sinus specialist and has expertise in performing revision sinus surgery. Dr Singh uses the most advanced and modern computer surgical navigation system available (Medtronic Fusion Electromagnetic at Westmead Private Hospital) to perform revision sinus surgery with the utmost precision and safety. DISCLAIMER: The material on this page represents general information only and is NOT medical advice.
Copyright Notice: The material on this page is protected by International Copyright Legislation and remains the intellectual property of ENT Sydney, Dr Narinder Singh. This material may be reproduced, with written permission, under license from the copyright holder. Blockage of the drainage in the back of the nose is usually caused by large adenoids in children. Excessive mucus production can result from infection, such as a cold virus or sinusitis (usually caused by bacteria). The sinuses (also known as the paranasal sinuses) are a number of air filled spaces in the bones of the face that surround and drain into the inside of the nose.

Obstruction can be caused by fixed, unchanging, anatomical problems such as a deviated septum or a narrow nasal cavity. An allergy is a condition in which the body responds to some foreign substance such as dust, pollen or certain medications. The diagnosis of acute sinusitis is not always easy to make, since the common symptoms in children- nasal obstruction, runny nose and cough- are very much the same as those of a simple cold. Children with chronic symptoms of sinusitis (lasting more than a few months) are usually treated with a variety of medications as outlined below. Chronic sinusitis can be helped by nasal steroid sprays, which reduce inflammation and swelling.
If there is an allergic component to the nasal disease, specific allergy treatment (such as antihistamines) may be useful. One very effective and safe treatment for both acute and chronic sinusitis is the use of humidification and nasal irrigation. While sinus surgery is common in older children and adults, I feel that it is rarely indicated in young children. The nasal septum is the thin wall composed of cartilage and bones that separates one nasal passage from the other. Sensitivity to surrounding things and certain foods cause blood vessel dilation in some people’s nose. Applying warm washcloth onto your face at short intervals every day open up transition spaces and hence keep sinus cavity problems at bay. Humidifiers moisten the air surrounding you so that when you breathe it, it opens up the sinuses. Allergy-related sinus cavity problems can easily be alleviated by avoiding allergy triggers. A good massage on the chest and neck area proves helpful in alleviating sinus cavity problems.
Dry socket is generally happened where a blood clot fails to develop in the tooth socket as a normal part of healing, or if the blood clot is dislodged. If any pus obtained it should be sent for Culture and see the result and give appropriate antibiotic. In addition, certain antibiotics have special anti-inflammatory properties if taken for a long time at a low dose. However, they must be used with caution as they have potentially very serious side-effects. You can watch the camera on a TV monitor and see for yourself exactly what is causing your blocked nose. In most cases, this is "day-surgery" (you will return home on the same day as the procedure). If nothing further can be done and you still have symptoms, consider asking your original surgeon or your GP for a referral to see Dr Singh. For specific medical advice about your individual circumstances you must consult a trained medical practitioner.

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Blockage in ostium of a sinus leads to respiratory problems. One in ten people has an extra sinus.
Most people have a displaced nasal septum, either because of genetic problems or injury, and have one nasal passage bigger than the other. Some common foods associated with sinus cavity problems are dairy products, processed sugars and caffeinated beverages.
Some how the hype in FESS surgery, this old fashioned minor procedures were ignored and it is time to revisit the good old time tested minor procedure once again for the sake of patient. The salty water will come out of the little drain hole in the sinus, and drain into the nosea€¦.. If your GP cannot fix your sinus problems, he or she will give you a referral to see Dr Singh. There is a long waiting list to see Dr Singh and it is best if you see Dr Singh for surgery after the non-surgical treatments have failed. Dr Singh always works together with your GP and your other specialists to achieve your best health outcome. Unlicensed copies of this information are automatically detected by our Internet hosting service.
Sinus cavity is actually a supple tissue that is protected by a mucus lining.The right side of the face has 4 sinus cavities and the left side has another 4 sinus cavities. Allergies are of much concern because they enable the sinus cavity to drain faster than normal. Sometimes when an upper molar tooth is extracted, people may experience similar sinus cavity problems. Mix five drops each of rosemary and geranium oils with two drops each of peppermint and eucalyptus oil. If your GP is unable to fix your nose or sinus problem, ask your GP for a referral to Dr Singh.
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Sinus cavity is highly sensitive and hence is often associated with various respiratory issues. This happens because roots of teeth by old age (by 50 years of age) grow into sinus cavity and extraction of the tooth damage the connecting sinus cavity. If, after 6 weeks, your symptoms are not controlled, surgery may be recommended, depending on Dr Singh's assessment. Dr Singh will explain the risks of your operation and provide you with an information pamphlet that explains the risks in detail. The sinus in the cheek bone has a little drain hole which leads into the upper part of the inside of your nose.

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