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I had heard that this year we were being swarmed with the Periodical Cicada (the Magicicada) but for some reason they avoided my neighborhood. Support ShawnMany of the projects and services provided by Shawn Olson are done in his spare time.
Luckily, my brother planned a picnic at Darby Park and it was there that I found thousands of these crunchy creatures, their husks, and a surround-sound chorus of mating calls that reminded me of the sound effect of phasers in the original Star Trek series.
I have not researched this, but according to a good friend, the reason that Cicadas are improperly labeled as "locusts" is that in colonial times colonists saw them swarming and equated them to the biblical locust swarms.

1.A  Donna and Karla as they get the hummingbird feeders ready for one of the children's activities. Linda and Myra Sue look like they have everything in order, but someone needs to tell them--Great job ladies!!!!i»?i»?A  4. MGs doing their best to attach rope back on the newly-painted flag poles!!A  Thanks, Guys; your check is in the mail (heehee)!!i»?A  2. Ed's trivia question for August-"What's the dirtiest job at VEG?" That would be mulching the compost pile!!

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