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Profesjonalny i niezawodny hurtowe centrum online zapewniajac rozmaite gorace sprzedazy, sexy odziez w przystepnych cenach i wysylanie ich na calym swiecie. Hand Painted Rainbow Crescent Geometric Statement Tassel Necklace112.00Add to CartCrafted by hand painting different abstract brushstrokes in pink, turquoise, blue, yellow, lavender , purple and neon green paint on a light blue leather hand cut semi circle shape with a navy blue back piece behind. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about orders, collaborations, certain products or wholesale.

Boo and Boo Factory was founded by me, Christina Anton, as a way to create unique leather jewelry that you just can't find anywhere else.
On the edges of the semi circle are woven chain and mint leather rope with brass jump rings. Another smaller half moon with black painted dots on white leather hangs below the larger one and has 3 purple and white leather fringe tassels.

Details include 2 large wooden beads strung loosely on the chain at the top and geometric brass tube beads.

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