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The beautiful French language — the language of love, charm and unimaginable frustration when you set out to learn it.
Read on for audio, explanations and a few laughs all about the strange noises French people make! After carefully observing many French conversations and sitting there dumbfounded thinking what IS that on at least 100 occasions, I think I have a handle at this point on these curious sounds.
Note: The audio clips are exaggerated from regular speech just to illustrate the sound in some cases.
Way an American uses this noise: To express surprise, although the American version is much stronger (louder, more startled).
Asking an employee at the social security office how many months it will take for me to get my carte vitale (health insurance card)?
Way an American uses this noise: When we are being immature and want to make farting noises. What it sounds like: This is one of the noises French people make that is really hard to describe and is SO common. Way a French person uses this noise: One example is when you are crossing things off a list or accomplishing a small task. Just wanted to let you know that this made me chuckle – there are SO MANY specific noises made by the French, I love that you collected them here! This is super helpful (and hilarious, haha!) I love your blog as well – I always enjoy reading your posts! Hi Justine, they’re totally normally now but for an American person, they are definitely noticed at first!
I think it’s funny when anyone does it but I have to say that now, after hearing it quite often, I’m used to it and it sounds kind of normal!
Perhaps there is a natural antenna here on Earth converting these frequencies or waves, which have always been there, into something we can hear. If that’s the case, though, I wonder if similar sounds were heard during our last cycle. Be sure to follow Stranger Dimensions on Facebook, Twitter, Flipboard, Pinterest, and Google+, and don't forget to subscribe for free by email. April 5, 2016 - Does Hy-Brasil, the phantom island home to giant magical rabbits, truly exist?
This morning, I came across several videos that have been posted recently that document weird sounds taking places in different cities all over the world. A site that discusses the sounds heard in Costa Rica is saying that people believe that this was all predicted in the bible in The Revelations, where God gave seven angels seven trumpets to sound. A sign from God, UFOs, NORAD jets, or is it an elaborate hoax using the soundtrack from Lost, Inception, or Transformers?

8:4 The smoke of the incense, with the prayers of the saints, went up before God out of the angel’s hand.
8:5 The angel took the censer, and he filled it with the fire of the altar, and threw it on the earth. 8:7 The first sounded, and there followed hail and fire, mixed with blood, and they were thrown to the earth. 8:8 The second angel sounded, and something like a great burning mountain was thrown into the sea. 8:10 The third angel sounded, and a great star fell from the sky, burning like a torch, and it fell on one third of the rivers, and on the springs of the waters.
Oh, and it’s the language of strange sounds that will leave you scratching your head.
I’m not talking about the French “R” or other sounds of the French language that are used to form words. I also thought these sounds were specific to the individual, but that’s not the case. It seems to be popular whenever there’s a natural pause in speech, maybe a conversation ending, that may be combined with an action. Like putting a contract down in front of a client to sign and the tack signifies that we’re completing an action. Have any of you non-native French speakers incorporated any of these sounds into your French? I’m in the middle of taking French 2 (with French 3 and 4 in my college future, haha!) and plan on going somewhere French speaking as part of my college degree plan. I never learned any of these mannerisms before moving to France and never even noticed them on trips. The guy on TV is usually on at lunch time, one of the grand journal or whatever it is called on Canal+. A lot of them are clearly hoaxes, with sounds from movies or other effects playing over ordinary outdoor scenes. There are, for example, several other videos on Youtube showcasing what happens if you take the radio-like frequencies emitted from planets and convert them into audible sound waves.
He manages Stranger Dimensions in between changing aquarium filters and reading bad novels about mermaids.
What is going on is the coronal mass ejections from the sun (solar flares) are hitting the magnetosphere and it is reverberating through the poles (yeah I know they aren’t REAL POLES)but this is creating a sound very much like a tuning fork being struck on a table! Perhaps they were, and we’re only now hearing about it on a global scale thanks to Youtube and the Internet. The eery hum has been experienced at different times for months (the earliest videos of these experiences date back to August), but it seems like many more have experienced this in the last several days.

The thing that adds to this is that just three days after the sounds were heard in Costa Rica, the Turrialba volcano that has been dormant since 1864 erupted on January 12, 2012.
Much incense was given to him, that he should add it to the prayers of all the saints on the golden altar which was before the throne.
One third of the earth was burnt up, and one third of the trees were burnt up, and all green grass was burnt up. Tell me Raul, do you really, really believe that film makers have to go to all this time, effort and money just to advertise a film? Here I’m referring to the little conversational mannerisms that seem strange to a foreign ear yet make the French language so charming. While some might be regional, there are some characteristic noises that French people make across the board while speaking that don’t translate to English in the same way. There are so many examples and usages, but I tried to just give one or two so you get the picture.
I hear it a lot when Tom is talking to his mom and is explaining a very detailed story he’s half listening to while watching soccer.
What comes to mind is Tom’s mom clearing the dinner table and picking up a plate right when she was finishing her sentence. Maybe also used from time to time when your wife leaves an empty roll of toilet paper in the bathroom.
The rest of them I think I only do in French – it’s definitely interesting how your linguistic personality can change from one language to another!
When the so called trumpet blasts hit a major city and knocks out windows and stuff, then I may take it seriously. Whenever he transitions to a new story or shuffles his papers, he always lets out a nice big slurp! And I always notice it because it’s definitely not something English speakers naturally do. The workers in the forest hear this noise and it looks like it’s a scene straight out of a horror movie. There’s also one from Manitoba that is quite scary as well and gets all of his dogs barking. Read what it says in the Bible and start seeking the Lord Jesus Christ for your safety and Salvation.

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