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So like everyone else i have watched a few videos regarding these strange sounds coming from the sky (apparently). Earth speaking to secret underground construction to tectonic plate shifts and even a possible viral marketing campaign.
Now i recall watching this video about 12 months ago and it was the first time i had ever heard such a sound. At roughly the time of finding this video, NASA released sound bites of planetary 'sounds'.
What i am suggesting is that these strange sounds first appeared in the cave refered to above, where the monks first heard it. I took the time to try and pin-point the geographic location these sounds are coming from to see if we can find a pattern of sorts. Please, feel free to suggest any locations i have missed and i will endevour to update the thread with new maps showing missed locations. The only visible pattern i can see is that there are the most reports of these strange noises where ATS has many users. The first time i listened to one of these videos, i was sitting in my living room with my dogs.

Since then I have spent every evening on my porch, with a cigar, in hopes that i might witness the sound myself.
For the record, when i first heard the sound from the cave, as discussed above, i felt weird. If the sound is indeed related to shifting tectonic plates then thats really news i believe.
I think we can all agree though, that if people keep using the same sound (from the original kiev vid I believe) in their videos.. That would be such a shame, because I do believe that this noise, it's intensity, and it's spreading to different locations is fascinating.
The below is a snippet from one of the sessions where the interviewer, Don Elkins, is discussing individual and planetary spiritual evolution. Questioner: Am I to understand that the harvest is to occur in the year 2011, or will it be spread out?
I very much agree with you that the energy grid lines at the apexes may have something to do with it. Here it was like a whoosing sort of jet plane noise that lasted for ages, but it had like a mechanical-sounding pulsing undertone to it.

I had opened my thread from December with a version of the youtube you opened with, the day we heard jet-like sounds in the sky.
After I listened to it in full, decided the 2nd vid I posted described it better, but the similarities certainly exist. The Above Top Secret Web site is a wholly owned social content community of The Above Network, LLC. There are various caves around the world that are know sites where you can hear "ringing" of the earth. You managed to put a Lost reference into an ATS thread - as a complete Lost junkie, that earns you a star!! The opinions of our members are not those of site ownership who maintains strict editorial agnosticism and simply provides a collaborative venue for free expression.

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