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March 14, 2014 I’ve only had my ears pierced for a little over a year now, but I quickly started collecting earrings. These elegant stud earrings from Pearlyta are beautifully-crafted of highly polished 14-karat white gold.
Molly And Emma Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Stud Earring 7 Pair Set In Red Bow Gift BoxWatch your little girl gasp in delight when you surprise her withthis Molly and Emma earring set.
Eternally Haute Tricolored Sterling Silver Roundcut Cubic Zirconia Stud Earring Box Set Of 3Sophisticated and delicate, cubic zirconia stud earrings by Eternally Haute offers a variation of a classic look. Gioelli 10k Yellow Gold Elegant Round Cut Cubic Zirconia Stud EarringThese stylish stud earrings showcase round cubic zirconia, prong set in highly polished 10 karat yellow gold. Sterling Silver Roundcut Cubic Zirconia Stud EarringThese beautiful earrings feature round-cut cubic zirconia in concentric circles on a sterling silver back. This earring jewelry gift box is the perfect way to gift wrap or store your fine and faux jewelry!
Interior of box has cream leatherette panels and a presentation tab with a slot for each earring.

Box has a flocked maroon panel on the underside to protect the surface of whatever it is placed on. Any jewelry items purchased will NOT arrive packaged within the gift box unless you specifically request otherwise.
Requests for packaging items in gift boxes can be noted in the "comments" field at checkout. You can call or email us prior to purchasing to inquire if a specific item will fit in a specific jewelry gift box. I wanted something simple to blend in with the rest of my room since my dresser is already really crowded. This jewelry set features a pair of cubic zirconia studs and a pair of freshwater pearl studs. You will also need approximately eight unsharpened pencils, a hot glue gun, approximately eight pieces of felt, and some craft paint with paint brushes. Then I accumulated more and more earrings, and it would take me five minutes to dig through the bowl to find what I was looking for.

A while back, I came up with one earring storage solution with my lace earring tree for longer, dangly ones, but the studs were another story. Using the hot glue gun, glue the pencil to the very end of the felt and begin rolling it so that the felt curls tightly around the pencil.
Orders sent to different address than credit card address can cause delay due to credit card verification requirements. I used eight total because of the size of my box, but for the last roll, I cut the felt so that the roll would be thinner than all of the others.
This offer cannot be combined with any other offer including promotions, gift certificates, coupon codes or contest redemptions. The last roll needed to be thinner to fit inside the box without making the others too crammed together, and without the last roll there was too much space.

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